Xbox's First Grow!!!!

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  1. Hey guys I would first like to thank everyone here for all the help in my questions. I have learned alot from the community. Now some background info: I Live in MN and am planning on doing an outdoor grow this year.

    Bud around here is very expensive and hard to come by(for me at least) and I am in the position to make some money growing. This is my first grow (sort of I'll get into it at a later date). I have limited space and have to do stealth grows inside the basement so right now I have 1 125 watt 2700k cfl and and a 125 watt 6500k cfl. I have a plant from good bagseed growing right now. I also have two plants that are from an outside field that was started using schwag seeds. This field has been breeding with itself for around 5 years and is up to over 250 plants so I cant just kill the males their are to many plants infested everywhere!!!!

    So I am going to try to clone this plant and hope its a female. I want to be able to clone it a bunch and get some big plants outdoors at this awesome spot I have and get a few pounds:smoking:(shooting for ten I'm expecting less)

    Anybody else have ideas comments or questions feel free to ask and help.

    I'm also sorry about the quality of the pics Ill try and find a camera other than the one on my phone.

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    The plant is progressing nicely. Idk if these are pre-flowers or not but here is a view at the main stalk.
    I think it is a female but I can't tell. If anyone knows please tell me it has grown short and bushy.

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  3. dude looking good come check out mine. and no no fem yet from what i can see. it may show pre flower around a month and a half... it all depends on the strain :) but so far looking really good man. add me to xbox :) CHROIC KING

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