Discussion in 'General' started by slope420jo, May 14, 2005.

  1. Looks Tight
  2. Really, got a link or anything? I saw a commercial for some special on mtv but i think that was on like thursday i must of missed it.

  3. yes it does, but im more of a pc fan, just because upgrades actually exist. you cant actually upgrade the hardware in a console system, or not as of yet. i like the flexibility of being able to customize something to how i want it, but that system and ps3 look sick
  4. Uh you can upgrade any system just as you can a PC. They are exactly that, well xbox is. Havent you heard of mod chips and all that other crazy shit they have done to xbox;s?

  5. yes i have, but the games dont get any more sophisticated or anything can upgrade the hardware all you want but unless you fully mod the case and everything you can actually fry the thing. oh and most of the modding done on console systems is done so you can play pirated games, thats what most people refer to when mentioning mod chips
  6. Point taken.


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