xbox vs gamecube vs ps2

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which do you think is the best one for gaming?

  1. xbox

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  2. gamecube

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  3. ps2

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  1. they all have ups and downs,

    gamecube: awsome single player games with many more potentially good games comming out soon which dive back into the classics, its got 4 control slots so its great to have when you have friends over to play big games , its got good graphics im not sure why people would think otherwise i cannot tell between any of the next gen systems in terms of graphics, but it does have almost no good rpgs for it and fans of the original rpgs would be better off with a ps2, ability to play gameboy advanced games on yor cube another problem, lack of many good high quality games for it

    ps2: awsome graphics 2 control slots, ability to play over the net this system is more well rounded then any other and much less of a money straine, you can play original playstation games on it without having to buy attachments, and has good graphics the playstation is a jack of all trades and apeals to a much broader gaming audience many many games many of those which are very high quality and fun with possibly more games out there then any other system so this is why its more popular then xbox or gamecube not because those systems suck but because the ps2 gives the gamer more gaming options to fit his/her style of useing it

    xbox: best graphics out there thats all i can say, never played or seen one >< so somone write up a pros/cons on it too
  2. Well technically the xbox is the most powerful computer you can buy for $199.00. Plus you can mod the shit out of it if that's your thing. :D
  3. *tries to stay objective*

    playstation2 has the largest game collection.

    GameCube has some really neat games excluvif, 4 ctrl slots no DVD.

    XboX: title list somewhat large but there not all good (read: some are VERY CHITTY)
    BUT: once modded, an XboX becomes a perfect geek toy.
    you can do with it all you do with a pc (multimedia speaking): DVD, games, mp3, streamming video, streaming audo, mp4,.. it can be you FTP,HTTP server, etc etc..
    I wouldn't buy the gamecube: it's a fan console. the XboX itself is not impressive, but once moded becomes a GREAT geek toy, the PS2 is hardcore stuff.
    (the linux kit is not for toying around, it's for developping games)

    *turns of objectivness*

    'nuff said.

  4. i got some, i suposed other have done already

    inbuild hardrive and modem, whereas in the uk the hard drive and modem for ps2 will never be launched(why i sold mine) abilty to store soundtracks to play on games, but its bulky. but with everything inbuilt it has to be
  5. who cares 'bout consoles anyway? for immersive gaming there is only one platform option... the PC
  6. First off, Zylark is the only one with the right answer so far ;)

    2nd, I don't know how the ps2 is less of a money strain, isn't the gamecube the cheapest of them all? And I've seen packages that has 2 controllers and a free game for the Gamecube, nothing like that for ps2 (at least that i've seen)
  7. im a playstation fan, ive had all 3 they have made... got ps2 now, i like it, i just like to play games and i just decided to go with playstation... and luved it ever since
  8. i like the Hd in the xbox but hate xbox live.

    hate mem cards for ps2 but i love everquest.

    gameqube .............................................

    well i'v got all 3 but i only play xbox and ps2.
  9. i dont like gameqube.....but XBOX and PS2 rule.....i got both and like both
  10. Xbox has definetly got the best graphics, but annoying control pads - unless you buy the smaller one. I own a playstation 2 which i think has a better range of games, although xbox has got some great ones.
    Ive never played a on gamecube so i wouldnt know about it - except that nearly all their games seem to include cute characters.
  11. wow, fuck console gaming. I love it how they are trying to build up online play on the things, when online PC is the only way to go. If anything, your paying $50 for a game you cant mod and you get what you get. PC, has endless amounts and I think lots of geeks need to move on from console gaming since its really a whole martketing war. Buy a PC, buy Half-Life2 and your all set. Dont have to buy a $100 controller just to play with your friend thats sitting right next to you and when your playing some split-screen vs. FPS, he knows where your hiding and kills you. That seems fair. Online PC gaming is the only way to live.

    "console is so 90's. Move on to the better shit. where you can download patches that gets rid of glitches in some of your console games"
  12. Holy shit i watched the video for half life 2 and its so amazing, looks like the best and most graphically advanced game ever. Unfortunatley my pc isnt very fast, is low on hard drive space, and has a crap videocard.
  13. Overall... id say Xbox is the best. Its got FUCKING rad games. Awesome high quality DVD player. You can save cds to it and play your own music during certain games. It has a built in Hard Drive of 9 gigabytes. Everything about it is awesome.

    For VIDEOGAMES. ps2 by far. If you took 3 barrels, one filled with Ps2 games, one gamecube, and one xbxo, and pulled 10 games from each, your selection of ps2 games would almost certainly be awesome, while your xbox and gamecube games would be a mixed bag.

    and gamecube is just lame. Its got SOME decent games. But they just ruin far too many of them. Legend of Zelda CEL SHADED??? Fuck that.

  14. what about the mega cd and sega saturn? they were out WAY before the playstation
  15. uh? ... it is available in france. .. are you sure of that info ? ..

    I AGREE.

    imo too. I'd add that the so-called grafic quality of the boX games makes me lough. take any games developped on both PS2 and XboX (eg the hulk) they look EXACTLY the same on both consoles. But take games developped uniquely for the emotion engine (PS2 graphic controler) and they are starting ti really kick ass.
    have a look at MGS2 intro: it's all realtime yet it feels like DVD playback.

    PS2 ruleZ .
    (bu I rekon microsoft will win the console war: they are after all selling at loss a good PC they have the ECONOMICAL POWER to impose something less good toeveryone)

    microsoft research: this product is not good
    microsoft marketing: we'll just have to sell it beter
  16. Your all fucking nuts buying ps2 and xbox upgrade your pc to latest and you will blow your mind.
    you can buy vertual reality helmets and cable internet is the best.
    I love technology
  17. I love my xbox. The internet play and ability to hook multiple systems together is awesome.

    I used to be so loyal to Nintendo, but as I got older I found that there were less and less Nintendo games that interested me. A lot of Nintendo games seem immature and cartoony.

    Nintendo is really their own worst enemy. They make it so hard for third party companies to make games for their systems that a lot of them don't even bother. Back in the day they used cartridges while every one else (playstation, dreamcast) used discs. Cartridges are expensive to produce and a lot of third party companies weren't willing to shoulder the extra costs. Now they use 3inch discs instead of regular CD's. They say they do it to prevent fraud but in doing so they have again fucked themselves.

    I dunno, if Nintendo were to "grow up" a bit., increase their processing power, and use regular sized CD's (so i could watch dvd's and play music) I MIGHT once again think about purchasing one of their systems.

    A few quick words on the PS2: I've played it a lot and don't like it. DVD/Music play is cool but only 2 controllers and no built in modem are MAJOR oversights. I wouldn't buy one.

    Um...if the "true power" of the PS2 has yet to be tapped then playstation needs to fire its marketing team. Its been out for years and I've seen little progression from the early games to the more recent games. I don't think anyone is working on tapping the PS2 anymore, PS3 and XBOX2 will be out soon. I think the PS2 has gone just about as far as its gonna go.

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