XBOX? More like CockBlOX.

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  1. It keeps freezing. No E-74, no rrod, no nothing but 5 minutes of gameplay and then a frozen screen. I don't want to pay $100 to get this fixed and I have RRoD coverage til January. What do I do?!

  2. I live in Westfield MA and I repair xbox 360's for a living. I can fix it for you, Ill only charge you 40 bucks and Ill smoke you down and youll be able to keep playing your box. Just lettin you know:D
  3. haha that sucks man, i would either, take the person above my post and use their services, or hit up craigslist, post an add saying you will pay 50 bucks to whoever can repair it, someone will most likely be able to do it. OR google any tech repair places in your area, and call them and ask (even tho they will most likely be a comp repair shop) if someone there knows anything about xbox's and would be willing to make a deal on the side... When i worked at ibm there was an underground black market of xbox part sales and repairs and shit, people selling super modded boxes was against the rules but no one cared..... There are always people in the tech world, looking to make cash quick, that know way more about xbox that you would expect hahahah.
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    hahaa ^^^^ that is me

    underground black market is exactly like how I descibe it.

    I advertise on craigslist and have repaired over 400, eventually people at best buy start to notice me and gamestop and on occasion refer me to their customers, and I dont even know them!!!! They just found out from word of mouth from friends/ family getting their xboxes fixed. I start fixing xboxes in western mass an im apparantly pretty poplular in this "underground xbox world" but aside from that no one knows who I am

    like a superhero

    I just find it kinda funny you would talk about the underground "world"
  5. You could try to force a red ring and then get the free repair under warranty :laughing:. But since you are a COD fan then you probably would rather go the third party repair route seeing as it takes MS a long time to return your console and black ops comes out in about a month.
  6. Stop leaving your xbox on all day and it wont break down


    go buy an xbox from walmart.

    switch new xbox for your broken one

    return to walmart
  7. I am never buying goddamn microsoft gaming consoles again, unless they get their act together.

    After going through two 360's and having my third one die after the warranty on it ran out I said fuck it and threw it in my trash can, sold my games, and bought some weed.
    There was no way I was spending $120 for another refurbished 360...nor $200 for a new one.

    For now I'm playing pc games on my laptop

    When I get the money to I'm buying a ps3...

  8. You must have gone through a couple xbox's quick considering the first gen ones warrant only ran out like a year ago.

    If you bought one of the 2nd gen 360s or the elites or the new slim all the RROD and disk drive problems were fixed. Its like a computer man you have to take care of it or shit breaks. My 1st gen broke and was replaced by microsoft for FREE. Thats good CS. That one eventually died because it was a 1st gen, and since I got the 2nd gen (or whichever one had the smaller power source) ive had absolutely ZERO problems. Take care of your shit and it wont break.
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    Nah man, I got one first in 2006, it lasted a year, was under warranty, it broke and got replaced. Then my second one lasted another year, broke under warranty. Got a refurbished one from microsoft.

    Then I got my last one and it lasted a long time (for an xbox), from 2008 to 2010, and then it broke just after my 2 year warranty expired. I took good care of all of them, never left them running, and kept them on a locker shelf so they could air out well and reduce heat. I never even played them for long periods at a time...

    Granted, none of them were the new version with the wifi and better cooling systems and whatnot, they were all refurbished, but you shouldn't have to worry about something that expensive breaking so's not like when they break they always give you a nice new improved one, sometimes they give you a shitty one that has broken 3 times already and will probably break again.
  10. that's why ya should just buy a ps3. i personally think ps3 is a lot better than xbox but everybody has their preference
  11. Thats odd all the people I know who complain about their shit breaking regularly leave their xbox on for like 6-8 hours at a time.

    I thought they were 3 year warranties? Or was it only 3 years for the RROD

    I cant imagine a non 1st gen 360 breaking down unless its over used or abused somehow. That sucks if you took care of it.
  12. I would totally buy a PS3 (and a xbox, cant beat xbox exclusives) if the xbox controller wasnt so much better.

    They should have the analogs in the same position as the xbox does. Not lined up. If they did that one change, or if there was a controller set up like that, I would purchase a PS3.

    PS3 has netflix right?
  13. WRONG

    I stood in line november 24 of 2005 I was seventeen at the time. Got the very first batch of 360s, Lasted 4-5 months. It broke down so we called them, they said the warranty was only 3 months and we had to pay 120 or 150 to get a new one. I was pissed, i spent 450 of my hard saved grocery bag money for it.

    bought another one and it brok

    and then another, and finally in the middle of 2007 they decided to extend it to 3 years, which people were truly happy for and people who were charge earlier even got reimbursement checks, alot of people didnt get anything tho like me
  14. MGS4 is the first and only perfect game this gen, until GT5 releases:cool:

  15. This is odd as my 1st gen xbox was replaced like a year and a half after i bought it for free.
  16. I have both a 360 and a ps3. I baby my 360 way more than my ps3 (my xbox is the mw2 special case one, whichever gen/model that is). I can leave my ps3 on for literally days at a time, which I've done numerous times on accident and on purpose. If I did that with my box, I'd be screwed really quick. That said, its worth having them both if you ask me. I haven't had problems with either though, and they both get pretty extensive use (read: I'm a video game nerd)
  17. dude... God of War 3? Killzone? Ever heard of those games? They're the fucking shit.
  18. They are damn good games, but not absolutely PERFECT.
  19. Just build a pc way better in the long run. I built mine for $420 not even joking about the price and it still rapes everygame, except for crysis :mad: but nothing can max that game out

  20. or you could be like me and have all 3.. well working on the xbox but yeah

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