Xbox live??

Discussion in 'General' started by Grim Bongmaster, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. I love playing amped 2 on xbox live...I played counter strike for a really long time...but it was wiggin me out having people shoot at me.

    Does anyone else out there play xbox live stoned

    what are you guys favorite games

    xbox live name : Silent Steve
  2. Im playing ESPN NFL 2k5 and its crazy high.

  3. xbl gamertag : s0ad05


  4. I have that....I suck at football games though
  5. im 2-2 online...i should be 3-2 but some prick quit cause i was owning him


  6. i dont have xbox but i play ps2 online splinter cell and socom 2
  7. i play castle wolfenstien alot my tag is RenoUberAlles
  8. only mech assault, im dr krapp.

    i remember meeting a guy called cold furry, who was adament his name was cold fury, so we kept calling him and he'd say, "its cold fury morons" and we'd just laf.

    those were the days, wheres my headset?!
  9. Splinter cell 2 was the shit online. I am stoked for Halo2 to come out. I loved the first one. total trip when high
  10. halo 2. nov 9 in the the uk. i'll have my copy well and truley reserved at work :D
  11. i just got rid of my ps2 and got an x box haven't played it online yet but i will once halo 2 comes out, it will be real cool
  12. fuckin eh, I keep forgetting that I'm paying for xbox live and I've hadn't played it for 6 months. THe only online game I have is mechassault and it gets old fast for me. Can you guys recommend me something?
  13. I like only play mechassault, we shud like play each other cos i aint play in ages!!
  14. I know I'm bumping an old thread...but I searched for xbox live, so forgive me :p

    I think I've played with you, Soad - if you have RS3 or RS3:BA.......those are the only two I play, I have a lot of other's, though. And we're getting Star Wars Battlefront sometime this week hopefully.

    I'm only on during the day on weekdays, cuz it's my boyfriends xbox, so I've gotta let him play when he's home lol Mine was stolen (long story) :(

    Anyhow, my gamertag is hickensuhweetss (yep, 2 S's at the end)
  15. Yeah..I haven't played xbox live in a while, cause my dog chewed through my headset cable...bastard. I need to go get another one, and fable, and starwars, and halo 2
  16. is Star Wars Battlefront for xbox live?
  17. I had to resort to buyin a copy off of ebay (hopefully) lol People are kinda dim on that can get the game for 49.95 + S&H off of the star wars website and the publishers website.....and people are bidding 55 bucks + S&H and more....maybe they don't know haha

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