Xbox Live.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 8, 2004.

  1. Anyone here have Xbox Live? If so, what games you got, and whats your gamertag.

    I have Counter-Strike. If you want Tag, ask and ill email or IM it to you or something.

    I had alot more Live games, but I traded them all in. :\

    Anyway, if you have Live, feel free to add me to your freinds list. Im getting high tonight and playing some Counter-Strike. If anyone has it, feel free to join me. :)
  2. well considering that the gov't can leagly track u on the x box live im not sayin jack all

  3. Eh, I guess you are right. Ill remove mine.

    If anyone wants im, ill IM it or email it to you are something.
  4. I have mechassault and that's about it. Hehehe. My xbox is collecting dust right now. :(
  5. The only thing that agitates me about Xbox and such is that you guys will be getting Halo 2 ages (hope not 3 years like it took for Halo to hit PC after its initial Xbox release) before it releases on the PC...I don't think I can play it through on legendary (solo since PC doesn't have the CO-OP option) more than 3 times before that gets old...

    ..must have more Halo....

    *falls over*
  6. i have unreal but i dont play it often
  7. yea i saw the footage from E3. I had a friend who was going to the expo this year. THat bastard, I went last year and it was fun as hell, but didn't have the chance to go this year. :( It's a shame though that Halo 2 won't be released until November. /me cries

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