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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Tox1C420, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hello everybody at Grasscity.
    I been reading these forums for about a month but never really thought about making a account. I usually just browse thru these forums and boy has it kept my bud fresh and dank and my bong clean :p I am a huge gamer been playing video games since the good old super Nintendo days :). Those head stomping and coin collecting times were the best as a child.
    Anyways I figure I throw my Gamertag (Toxic420) up so I can play with some fellow stoners who don't mind doing stupid stuff every now and again, I mean its a game for a REASON so why not have fun.I just find some people take the game to seriously and ruin my high when they complain or worse little kids who act tough (One reason i listen to Itunes and turn off the game sounds when I play Live) I play competitively too so don't think I don't have a trick or two up my sleeve. Right now I play Gears of War 2 ( 3rd rank ), GTA 4, and Guitar Hero but I do own several other games including CoD:WaW.
  2. hey ur from mass too? where abouts?
  3. Northampton/Florence area.

  4. north attleboro

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