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Discussion in 'General' started by growguy, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Hi guys/gals:)
    anyone wanna give me anything for the link to buy the xbox live beta kit?
    lmk via pm.
    take care.
  2. ill give ya a weird look.. lwtf

  3. wtf?? well read the post, if anyone wants it pm me.
    If nobody wants to give me anyhting for it, I will simply just give it away.
  4. how about you gimmie a link to get a ps2 ?
  5. 'SIGH"
    I was trying to be nice to users of this forum, and offer a link to get the beta kit that I have no desire to get myself!
    I am an ex mod from these forums'the only reason why I posted it here!'

    So dont pm me talking trash please.

    A link for a ps2?? sarcastic? or are u serious?
  6. What is the Xbox live beta kit?
    I'll have the link

  7. LOL yea im serious.

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