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  1. I don't have many games so all I play is demos, the ncaa 14 demo comes out tomorrow someone willing to give me a 48 hour free code? Thanks blades!

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    Can't you download demos with Xbox live silver...

    You don't need gold, good try.
  3. I can, but everything's like a week late, we live in an era of instant gratification ya know?
    I don't need gold but I want it for 2 days so I can get this demo.
    Thanks for replying to the thread, man. 
  4. Why own an xbox if all you play is demos? Just go to gamestop and spend $20 on a 3 month subscription. Buy some games. Most demos have a stupid time limit, or only five minutes worth of gameplay.. Waste of time IMO
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    Yeah, it is BS how some demos have limited use. If I was a dev, i'd want people to play as much of it as they could for the hype factor. I'm saving up money to buy NCAA when it comes out in July. I may get a 3 month then just to get rosters/ play a few games but I don't really play Live much, internet is too shotty. Thanks for the idea though, I appreciate it
    Ah. Well in that case, I have a promotional link that gives out free 1 months, but it's on my home computer and I'm not going to be home for a few days. If you can't wait, look in some other threads asking for xbox live. I've posted it in a few of those threads.
  7. Still need it? I think my tomb raider has a 14 day. Haven't opened it yet
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    Thanks to both of you blades. Got a free month when I made a new profile on my 360. GC is the friendliest forum, love the good vibes in here
    Oh yeah, I forgot about that. You can only do that three times per new console though.

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