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  1. Right I just had a great idea that you tech guys might be able to answer, I was told if I plug a Ethernet cable from my router to my xbox it will improve my connection, as I'm on wifi atm and my xbox always kicking me out of games.

    If anyone could answer if it will improve or suggest a better solution I would be great full, as its affecting my mental health from raging 24/7 (joke)
  2. What you heard is right, although only to a certain extent. Having an ethernet cable plugged directly into your xbox should improve the stability of your connection, purely because a wireless connection is more susceptible to interference.
    However you also need to take into account the length of cable you will need. How far away from your xbox is your router? A signal can deteriorate over distance you see.
    Also, do you know what your bandwidth is? If it is larger than 2mb down you should be okay for most online games. Another option is to change your DNS settings (I did this with my xbox and saw a definite improvement)
  3. Post your results from, that will help narrow down the problem
  4. Nice one cheers guys will go ahead and buy a Ethernet cable, its gunna have to run about 10 meters tho
    The signal would only deteriorate if he was running a 100+ foot cable through his house. Below that, the signal tends to stay very strong. Linus from LinusTechTips did a video on it, I'll look it up for you because he does the ethernet, wifi, and powerline forms of ethernet connectivity.
    Ah powerline! Completely forgot about that, i'm looking into it myself. Any experience with it? Cause i don't particularly want to run a massive network cable through my house either. Would it make a drastic improvement to a wireless connection? My bandwidth is 8mb down.
    When I lived with my parents, I was getting really good download speeds. Anywhere between 4-5 Mbps downloads on Steam. Same speed as if I was hooked directly into my father's router.
    I think powerline is a very simple method to use, just plug n play. But the strength of the signal is strongly dependent on your house's wiring. If it's an older house, you may have slower or inconsistent downloads. 
  8. I had the same problem with mine I went out and bought a 15ft high quality ethereal cable (the ones with the gold plugs) and it ran smoothly ever since. Xboxs are shithouse when it comes to wireless connections egen though my router was only maybe 3 metres away.

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  9. You needa check your NAT and make sure its not 'strict'. If so you may needa new router/provider

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