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  1. Alright gamers,

    I'm interested in purchasing an xbox and i have a couple questions. Im not a super hard core gamer but i have a large group of friends who play black ops, etc and i think it looks fun and i want to get in on this.

    Xbox offers a couple different options and i'm curious about what the advantages are to having the 250gb hard drive? would an average gamer want this or is it more important for serious gamers?

    And what about this konnect business? Do you for see good games utilizing the konnect in the future?

    and does anyone have a suggestion for where to buy? has anyone ever had a refurbished xbox? they have some on the best buy website for a discount.

  2. The 250gb is the best deal out there right now, and you're never going to use all 250 gigs so I'd say go with that.

    Oh and if I were you I wouldn't be dropping nearly $400 just to play Black Ops. NEVER buy a console just for one game. But there are a lot of great games out for the 360 and you won't regret it. Also (IMO) the xbox has the best controller for FPS.
  3. its not jsut black ops, there is a host of good games for xbox, but thats where im going to start considering the games are like $70 lol. theres fallout, read dead redemption, assassins creed...

    what is the memory used for? im assuming saving games, and then i've heard you can copy games onto the hard drive and it will help the game run better but im thinking for an average gamer that probably isnt really a big concern. are there other uses?
  4. your best option is to buy a real system a man's system , ps3 comes with wifi , hdmi , universal hard drive , blu ray , lithium ion battery packed six axis contorllers , blue tooth , gran turismo , it only does everything and hardly ever break's down.
  5. xbox is just one commercial after another, payin for live is a joke they have it backwards they should pay us for having to see all that advertising.
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    Hey, look! It's a fanboy!:wave:

    Go away, troll, obviously he isn't interested in the PS3 if he is wanting to play on LIVE with his friends.
  7. whats up with the hate? just giving some facts. xbox hardware is a joke just like live.
  8. No hate. Your post is just useless in this thread, he wasn't asking about the PS3. The PS3 is a great system, as is the X360.

    When did opinions become facts?
  9. i personally think that the ps3 is better. the blu ray and hdmi connection would be nice since i have a good quality 1080p tv. HOWEVER, my friends have xboxes..... so if i want to play with them i need to get an xbox.

    back on topic, what is the purpose of the 250gb hard drive?

  10. The extra space is really nice and you can be certain you won't be running out of space. The new 250 slim doesn't have a detachable hard drive, either. You can also play orginal xbox games on the 250, but with 4 gig you can not and will find yourself running out of space and having to rely on an external hard drive. If you ever get into games that you want to play expanisons for ( such as the elder scrolls: oblivion ) you will really appreciate the 250.
  11. hmm cheap easy to scratch dvd or blu ray, having to pay out the a$$ for HDD or picking up any 2.5in sata HDD for half the price , aa battery operated control panel or the lithium ion battery packed six axis controllers, ps3 launched with hdmi , digital optical audio , wifi , and they didnt have 5 years of a massive failure of RROD's. i wonder wich console is better?

  12. Keep ranting, buddy. I've heard it all in regards to this gen's console wars. And I don't care, I, and many, many people enjoy the 360 more than the PS3, but I also love the PS3.

  13. alright, just ordered a refurb 360 (reviews on bestbuy were overwhelmingly positive) with the 250gb and then black ops for $330 total with shipping and sales tax.

    i agree that ps3 is better. you're absolutely right. but i want to play with my freinds and they have xboxes.

    thanks for the help guys.

  14. Glad to help, hope you enjoy it, man.:wave:

  15. XD

    I remember that I bought my Xbox for Halo and halo 2.

    And it was literally the only games I ever played on an Xbox.

    I actually spent 1700 dollars on my new computer for the soul purpose of playing Final fantasy 14. And it was horrible at launch, so I stopped playing.

    Ill get back into it when they fix it up. Because its a fucking beautiful MMO

  16. ya i hear ya that's the only reason we have 360's is to play with relatives .bill gates knew how important word of mouth is that's y he pushed so hard for an early release he knew that if we bought it on launch we would talk our buddies into buying so we can play togehter share games and so forth, but if you ask me that's a lousy reason to throw away 300 bucks i don't jump off a bridge when my friends do.

  17. it is shitty, but its what happened. would you forfeit being able to play with your freinds for slightly better picture quality/audio and blu ray capabilities?

    or maybe you did:p

    better to jump off that bridge with your friends than be the only one left alive... alone:p
  18. alone?last time i played on psn (earlier this morning) there was plenty of people to game with .be a leader not a follower.
  19. i don't have 2 share accounts with family members or be forced to pay 200 dollars a year for seperate accounts 8^)
  20. why build a ps3 with better hardware that they cant even fully utilize?i like my 360 way better than the ps3 slim my friend has,the controllers are awkwardly small,and the online play feels a little laggy at all times,no matter what game,on every ps3 i play on its the same.ilike paying 60 bucks,its a better online experience dude,heck you cant even play your music during the gameplay,pretty worthless

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