Xbox, A New Generation Revealed

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  1. I'm gonna be watchin' tha event at 1 PM ET on Spike TV and I hope that it goes well, I wanna see new stuff :laughing:

  2. watching it on my xbox. hopefully it's worth it. E3 next month yay. wish I could go this year. went the last console release in 2005. amazing
  3. Yea I hope it'z gonna be good
  4. don't even care if they show it. I just wanna hear the specs and maybe a launch teaser or 2.
  5. I would like to see some new game trailerz
  6. cant wait for this shit, been waiting foreverrr for this. wish i could be at home to watch it on my 360, but ill be at work so ill have to settle for the occasional watch on my phone on the ign app. i wanna see some specs and couple game trailers(bf4?) wouldn't be bad
  7. Only 53 min. left :devious:
  8. all that home entertainment shit seemed pretty trivial
  9. the name is stupid, shouldve went with Xbox Infinity. shit just sounds like a prequel to the first xbox. also it looks like the controller is bigger and the new kinect is always listening. however the actual console and its hardware look awesome, too bad I most likely wont have one for another year or 3
  10. I'll def be gettin' 1
  11. My favorite thing that I saw was that you can run multiple applications at once. It's about damn time. I always wanted to be able to use while playing a game. Took them long enough..
    Also, skype was supposed to launch first on the 360, what gives?
  12. i'll definitely get one. they should have showed more games. less nfl and tv crap. call of duty.. meh..
    HALO baby.
  13. I could've done without the sports shit. but steven spielberg doing a Halo series? sounds like microsoft wants all of my money, though it would be awesome if they let everyone watch it for free.
    I'd like to seem them go Sony's route and offer free online play, but I doubt they'd do that.
    new cod looks pretty badass, you get a dog and the amnesia lean
  14. Probably comin' out right around my birthday so I'll be hittin' tha store when tha time comez :laughing:
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    Hopefully C4eva will hack it.
  16. Interestin'
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    I'm in, when is this set to be released?
    edit.  when not where lulz
    "Later this year" Lol
    haha good enough for me

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