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Discussion in 'General' started by Smoking Buddah, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. add your gamertags here... i wanna make a little library of everyone playing on 360... makes it easier to have grop games, LANs, and such.

    mine is Beau06 (pronounced "Bo") and I have PGR3, DOA4, Oblivion, and Kameo. I also have Halo 2, but then again who doesn't.
  2. ummm ill stay out of your "groping" games...
  3. hahahahaha
  4. grow up... i had a typo, it's not like we're all sober people on here -_-
  5. grow up? if you can't see the humor in his post then you are crazy man.
  6. he takes his groping gaming seriously.
  7. The gamertag my friends and I use is crazyohm, we mostly just play Ghost recon advanced warfighter
  8. menschmachine

    halo 2, doa4, pgr3, pdz, cod2
  9. camps28

    i play alot of battle field n oblivion
  10. Gamefreak701

    hehe, easy!
  11. th3realistkilla

    graw, h2
  12. smoking i wasnt making fun of you i was just having some laughs.
  13. evilpimp23

    h2 madden 06 hit me up
  14. damn i wish i had a 360 i was suppose to get 1 but then they wento on back order

    so i just gave up on them but i went to wal mart and saw they had them in

    but where am i gonna cough up 400 bucks for one plus games which are 60 a piece:(
  15. mines herofromuranus

  16. omg hahhaha that was awsome man +rep
  17. buy the nintendo wii:laughing: its supposedly gonna be $200>
  18. I play Pac-Man, Pole Position II, and Gradius III.:cool:

    Meh, perhaps someday I might catch up on games.
  19. dingleberryfin

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