Xbox 360 stole with 28 games. Cops involed

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  1. hey guys i want to ask something about being interagated by police.

    Heres the story

    So about 4 weeks ago a xbox 360 was stolen and 28 games out of a local house i live near, and my buddy also.. The Family was on vaction when this occured. Today the cops showed up and my buddys house and he was not there. The Family who got there xbox stolen said they were suspicious of 2 kids in the area, One of suspected suspects is my buddy. They now have contacted his parents and want him to come in tommrow and take a Lie detector test. He dosent have the xbox or the games but he does know who stoled it. If he dosent give up and names or anything will he get in trouble or what? if he did what would happen cause the xbox is gone now and how can they Take someone down without evidence?

  2. They're most likely going to inject him with sodium pentathol and make him admit to it with weird mind-control methods.

    I'd be scared shitless if I were you!
  3. I could be wrong, but I don't think grasscity is a harbor for criminals. If he knows who took it, tell him to do the right thing. Noone should be going into another persons house stealing things and if they do they should have the balls to admit it.

    No, your friend will not be in any trouble. He could just plead the 5th and can leave anytime during questioning.
  4. yea hes just worreid cause he dosent want to give up name. witch he dosent want to do. so idk whats going to happen
  5. the police will get what ever he knows outa him.. its what they do...

    wheres that pwn'D sign???:hello:
  6. they might try and waterboard him or something... id watch out
  7. Given the price of an XBox 360 with 28 games, the person who stole it should take the blame.

    Your friend shouldn't take the heat for someone who broke into an empty house and stole something that amounted to that much money.

    This isn't talking about snitching on dealers and smokers, the real person deserves what's coming to them.
  8. Your so worried cause it's your name he'd be telling them.

  9. really?

    im thinking that its moreso him thats taking the lie detector test.

    but yah. thats alot of moneys worth of stuff taken. im not advising you to snitch. but i do think that kid should be taking the blame

  10. It sounds like your sketchin more than a someone who was not involved would be. Did you take the xbox and games, now your sketchin because hes taking a lie detector and knows its you?
  11. He should prob just refuse to take a lie detector test. Cops just cant make you do wat ever they want w.o probable cause. Good for your friend he shouldnt want snitch on anyone.
  12. Withholding information about a crime is punishible by law I believe.
  13. just because i have my own dear 360, i would be so pissed if someone came inside MY house and stole it. tell your friend to rat the kid out, there really is no need for people to get away with stuff like that. its one thing to back a friend up, but not if he is stealing out of other peoples houses like that.
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    tell him to keep on denying it, even if the lie detector shows he's being deceptive

    they can't do anything about it, lie detectors aren't admissible in court

    edit: aren't :)
  15. Not gonna lie man, it looks like it's you that stole it. Whats the deal with the 28 games? are they all 360 titles or some xbox ones?

    There are quite a few random laws the cops can pull on your friend, I'm assuming your friend is not getting a lawyer, so he's kind of fair game.

    You seem to know a lot about the story, however, the original owner of the xbox could have just told you.. but still man, looks like you took it.

    And you said this all happened four weeks ago?
  16. I hope you boys get what you got coming to you. Unless of course you go and return the system and the games. You don't need to show your face, just drop it off and leave. It will be much better for all involved and don't take others things again.
  17. if it wasn't him then tell him to not go to the lie detector test, have him call the cops and say im not gonna answer any questions and im not coming down to the station.

    later have someone call the anonymous tip line with the right info of who did steal this info is for det. blah blah we heard that you're looking for the person that stole.....
  18. Maybe they should send you to jail, So you can learn some grammar while your there.

    I havent said stoled. Like the OP just did in about 4 years.
  19. "your" should be "you're"

    "I havent said stoled. Like the OP just did in about 4 years." should be
    "I haven't said "stoled" like the OP just did in about four years." (Random period wtf?)

    Sorry to bust your balls man, if you're gonna call people out make sure your post is clean.

  20. Hahahahha +rep.

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