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Xbox 360 Or Ps3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Terry Wrist, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. wow. just wow. was i running low on bullshit or something and you guys decided to fill me up? because this thread has more fanboy bullshit in it than ive seen in a long time. i just seriously hope no ones using these comments to help them pick out a console. im not even gonna get into this rediculous shit because its a lost cause. theres only a couple of posts offering good info. props to them. so while you all try to figure out which ones they were, im going to go shake my head in disbelief while i cut the grass.
  2. Cool opinion, bro.

  3. All I can say how the fuck do you go through 7 systems....
  4. im sure this applies somehow :smoking:

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  5. I used to own a 360, for years. and I hated ps3, haha. but after my 6th 360 broke I got fed up, so I bought a ps3. I'm not dissapointed, it is true, PSN isnt as good as xbox live, theres not as many features, but it works great, and its FREE. The only knock I have against the ps3 is theres not as much competition, like the gamebattles ladders have signifigcantly less people the the 360 ones, but its all good. plus ps3 has internet browser, built in wifi, and theres not a bunch of little kids online, which is a plus.
  6. First off, ps3 if FREE, not a few dollars a month, Free!!

    2nd, Ps3 has a web browser for all your social networking fixes.

    3rd, Ps3 does have achievements for every game. Thery're called "trophies" say it with me now, TroPhies(and honestly, who wants an achievement when you can have a fricken trophy????lmao)

    4th, ps3 has a marketplace where you can download FULL games, plus demos, add ons for all new games, (and old ones) plus playstation one titles.(full games again)
    Plus Netflix.

    5th, ps3 DOES have cross game chat. with mutliple people. (except they not all little kids like on xbox)

    6th, who the hell wants to watch a movie with a bunch of loud annoying people (mostly kids) who won't shut up??

    Let me end by saying I don't have anything against xbox, except I really don't care for microsoft, being that my pc runs vista, and I think it sucks.
    But Xbox is cool. I just prefer my plastation. Ever since the first little white ps1's came out. They were so now look at us all gaming it up with ppl across the planet somewhere. trippy as hell.GAME ON!!
  7. oh you mean like the ENTIRE thread? yeah its all opinion in here. Bro. fanboys suck. buy both systems and enjoy them both. they both have great games on them. its pretty sad, the extent to which kids devote themselves to a company only to justify their large purchase to their self.

    better answer? probably. BRO.
  8. ive got a ps3 and have been considering switching to xbox so i can play gears of war 3. my friend has gow3 and its fucking awesome. i would buy an xbox just for that game...only problem is you have to pay for online or whatever and ps3 is xbox live worth paying for????
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    i have both. i cant stand the PS3. I hate having to wait 30 minutes to install a game before I play. I hate that patches install sequentially instead of in one update. I hate that there are way less people on PSN, and a lot of games that are thriving on the Xbox are totally empty on the PS3. I hate that I cant play Left 4 dead, halo, gears of war, or fable on it. I hate the homescreen. I hate the controllers. I hate sony's shitty customer support and shitty online security. I hate the trophy system, and how it seems just lazily thrown into the system compared to achievements.

    but it has little big planet 2, so i keep it.


    this shit is just unacceptable

    yes. the service is much better than PSN. its more stable, has more players, has more features, and is easier to use than PSN. you can also play for free on XBL by making a new account every month and using the free trial they give you.
  10. I went through 4 xbox's...

    when they changed the dashboard so you get adverts smashed in your face when you turn on was the last of it for me. Shit like family xbox gold accounts (Are you fucking serious?) Kinect? All the avatar wank etc

    THOUGH, Gears of War 1 was immense and 3 is really good. The only game the Ps3 needs

    Dont know what these ps3 "problems" xbox fanboi's are chatting about lol Free PSN FTW!

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    ive had 1 xbox fail since they came out, and microsoft replaced it for free in a week. the "advertisements" are about new media or features on XBL. The family gold pack is basically 4 xbox accounts for less than it would cost you for 2 accounts by themselves so im not sure why that bothers you. The avatar stuff is fun IMO and unlocking new gear for your avatar by doing in game achievements is cool. There are a lot of avatar games now too.
  12. Ps3 if your >18
  13. [quote name='"EEIET"']Ps3 if your >18[/quote]

    Boy I'm convinced
  14. it depends if you like playing online go for the 360 but if your not that big on it then go with the ps3
  15. I have both systems and my PS3 collects dust because the only perk is that it's a phenomenal Blu-ray player. With weak exclusives, a lame online community, a weak company (getting hacked and being down for as long as they were was absolutely unprofessional and quite embarrassing if you ask me), and just doesn't do anything for me.

    My Xbox360 is what I play. Awesome online community that is well worth the $50 a year, great exclusive titles, stronger company, and what I would consider, all you could ask for in a system. Granted their customer support could use some serious tweaking.

    Unfortunately, I don't game that much anymore, aside from occasional PC gaming. I'm trying to get back into it, and to do so, I bought Dead Island and Gears of War 3 for Xbox, and I downloaded the BF3 beta. Hopefully will help bring me back to console gaming once and for all! :p
  16. Xbox is my console. I love it, had it since it first came out. However killzone 3 wither the motion shooter system with 3d is something I really want to try.
  17. yeah your right they don't shove insurance commercial's and sprint phone commercial's and a ton of other money making commercial's down our throat.:rolleyes: and the stupid fucking avatar that just stand's there is way cooler then being able to run around PSN HOME interacting and playing free avatar games:rolleyes:.
  18. spread it out on monthly payment's and it's a 120 bucks a year at 10 bucks a month.
  19. Then buy yearly...its in fact easier to renew once a year rather than monthly, so whats your point? Its a standard business practice to make it cheaper per unit to purchase more. Plus you get better features and less lag.

    Anyway, the ads are by no means in the way or distracting. I never see them during normal use of my system.

    And who cares what your avatar does? You can use it as a character in all sorts of games. Besides, ps home is just like second life for people too lazy to get off the couch. Sad, really. I dont support it one bit.

    Both systems have pros and cons anyway.

  20. The ads are always for new features or media that is coming to XBL, so it isnt like you are bombarded with ads for Coke and mcdonalds.

    Anyway I used my PS3 this weekend to play some MW3. Man I LOVE how your wireless controller doesnt charge when you are playing a game! I had to wait an hour for my controller to charge before I could play because the cord they give you is only 2 feet long.


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