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Xbox 360 Or Ps3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Terry Wrist, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. I personally like both but I'd have to say the 360

    Xbox 360

    Pros: HUGE game library, awesome online, achievements, xbox live marketplace
    Cons: Red Ring of Death (mine never did though, and I've had it for 3 years)


    Pros: Awesome graphics, pretty good selection of exclusive games
    Cons: Most games on PS3 are on 360
  2. xbl is the whoop!!!! today for example you can play with icp in halo odst, the other day slipknot played cod4,i used to like sony up until 2000 when xbox hit the scene,i knew then it was over for when mutiplayer started on original recipe xbox it was the death rattle for sony.and the comments on .".well you have to pay to be online".if you can afford the internet to be online whats another 6-7 dollars more to enjoy the game that much far as better graphics??? i really dont think ps3 has that much better graphics.ive read numerous articles on comparison 360 wins everytime
  3. fuck microsoft they charge you for the system, the games, and the internet...fuck that shit bill gates has enough money that dude can suck my cock!!!

    and to everyone that says 360 has better graphics you must not have a good HDtv
    ive had both and idk i got rid of my 360...PS3 has better exclusive games IMO
  4. Xbox 360 Versus PlayStation 3 Graphics Comparison - Features at GameSpot

    Real great graphics :rolleyes:

    It's under $4 a month, eat out one less time every other month and you've successfully paid for XBL.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I like my 360 more than my PS3 but you are judging the PS3 way too harsh man. One of the things I LOVE about my PS3 is that the controller battery life and recharge time are FAR superior to xbox.
  6. NO!!!!!! I'll never back down in the fight against evil sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ps3 all the way. you can get the slim for the same price as the xbox elite.

    they both have 120gb hd

    both come with one wireless controller

    oly one has an interactive controller (six-axis)

    only one comes with unlimited online play for FREE

    hands down no-brainer

    playstation wins all day

  8. Lol have you seen the 360s online?
  9. if you pay money for the service your going to get better service then you are for free...their going to work harder and put more thought into it
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    The amount of ignorance in this post is overwhelming.

    1) PS3 has had a web browser from launch. That means you can go visit facebook or any other website you wish.

    2) PS3 does have a trophy system, and as of last year, all games are required to use the trophy system.

    3) The Playstation Network. I own both a 360 and a PS3, and they are almost identical. Movies, old PS1 games, arcade games, TV shows, DLC, etc...

    4) Netflix just made a deal with Sony, and you will soon be able to stream from Netflix on your PS3.

    You need to read up on a few things before you make sweeping judgments on a system you're clearly uninformed about.

    Bottom line, they are both great systems. Get whatever your friends have; that way you can enjoy it with them.

    You posted an article that was published in 2006. Not very accurate considering it's now almost 2010. The cell processor has been a challenge for most game developers. Coding for a cell processor is entirely different than coding for the architecture that the 360 utilizes. Developers are now just starting to finally unleash the full capabilities of the cell processor.

    Take a look at Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, they blow away everything the Xbox can do (graphic wise). Look at the launch PS3 titles, they look terrible compared to the level that PS3 games are now at.
    But we all know that graphics don't make the game...
  11. my xbox 360 powers a small village.
  12. hahaha +rep
  13. my ps3 powers the gods!
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    Sony is an extremely evil company. Fuck giving them my money.( I didn't buy my PS3) And you talk about how Bill Gates has enough money but he has donated BILLIONS to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and he has more money going to that foundation in his will than going to his own family. You're just fucking ignorant.

    I have a great HDTV and Xbox kills in the graphics department. I thought it was common knowledge that the 360 had a better GPU than the PS3. PS3 has a better processor.
  15. agreed 100 percent
  16. y would u even bother posting that? almost everything u listed, PS3 has
  17. on top of ps3 having all those things u listed, i have one for u.
    does xbox 360 break/overheat every month?
    does PS3?
  18. Console wars are completely pointless and stupid.

  19. nintendo wii ftw :devious:
  20. Really because PS3 doesn't have everything I listed.

    Why do people have to always make such a big fucking deal about the RROD? I got one after 2 and a half years and got it fixed for free in a week. It isn't too big of a deal, plus you get a 3 year RROD warrranty when you buy a 360.

    People need to stop bitchin' about it.

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