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Xbox 360 Or Ps3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Terry Wrist, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. I have xbox 360 and ps3, but i think ps3 is better. I want to get ps4 tho.

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  2. Xbox 360's Xbox live was good on the majority of the gamers being lil kids.
  3. My PS3 has 500GB
    My 360 has 350GB
    \nSince I like jrpgs, fighers, wrpgs, and single player games more I'd go with my PS3.
    My online, mainstream, shooter stuff is on my 360 which I'm not much into. Only online,
    Minecraft was cool for a minute.
    \nI'd prefer Sony more if everyone on PSN paid for, better severs. I do somewhat prefer Xbox
    more because when I do go online it's usually cleaner than Sony's severs. But I don't play
    shooters that much so I'm fine.
  4. I had PS3 since launch but PS4 is even cooler
  5. god u don't know how bad I miss my 360..ughh *tears* whyyy sponge bob..whyyy!!!
    i jus miss i have my xboxone but its not the same, even tho i like it kinda to..
    craap i jus wanna play some videogames!! left4dead..I'm so wanna plaaayyy!!
  6. Ps3 > Xbox. Microsoft is greedy, yeah so is Sony, but Microsoft actually goes out of their way to show it.
  7. PS3 is better never had an Xbox but I've played my brothers.

  8. that is soooo last gen [​IMG][​IMG]
    get both, and play all the games you want
  9. I've always had an xbox 360 and I'm pleased with it.
  10. can you believe it's been 10 years? We got a first gen 20gig version that RRoD, now 9 years later I still own a Slim with a big ass hard drive and it has yet to let me down. Besides the whole RRoD thing, it had GOAT console potential, comparable to the PS2 in it's prime for gaming impact
  11. Yeah, you are right, pal. Time is passing quickly. I just haven't enough time to monitor technical progress.

  12. Luckyjayhawk. I like shooters bf4 blops 1-2
  13. I like xbox 360 better but ps3 is good for modding anyways I have always owned Microsoft products I don't wanna change that :$
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    Ps4>Xboxone imho
    Ps4 is $350 at game stop until Monday with 2 games
    Don't forget that project Morpheus is coming soon,if you have not Heard about it it's a VR headset!!!
  15. Every system has games I like too play but if I had to pick it would be xbox.
  16. X360 10 years of pure dominance;) XBL > PSN
  17. Xbox 360 FTW. There both pretty much the same only difference are controller and the PS3 has blu ray
  18. I think they are both great it's all about preference. Anybody here playin gta 5 on ps3 add me: jspade508
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    Y'all need to upgrade to 2016
  20. I still play my 360, my one is always having connection issues

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