XBOX 360 games with high playing times (offline)

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by the_tree, May 25, 2009.

  1. I'm looking for some XBOX 360 games that are not online that have a lot of playing time. Games like Oblivion or GTA 4 that can take weeks or months to beat or just play before getting old. I've been looking at games like Fallout 3, Burnout Paradise, Mass Effect, etc. and was wondering if anyone had any more suggestions? Thanks.

  2. i play madden alott offline. it never gets old
    guitar hero's the shit if youre into that type of thing
  3. most RPGs are pretty lengthy try something like lost odyssey. Mass effect and Fallout 3 are definitely good candidates are you already listed.
  4. i never really enjoyed mass effect it was a really clean cut game very well refined i cant really explain it but it wasnt for me fallout 3 was great i got more than 80 hours and im still not bored, guitar hero got boring after one play through
    id say fallout 3
  5. Hell yeah, guitar hero is the shit. I have the guitar but no games so that's an idea.
  6. I'm all about that open world, Fallout 3 looks real good. Does the environment ever get old, you know what I'm saying?
  7. Fallout 3 isnt even that long if you stick to main story line.
  8. I really liked mass effect. Skate 2 is good too, you can just skate without having to complete the story.
  9. there is so much more to do in the game other than the main quest though
  10. if you like sports games, nba 2k9 is the best basketball sim ive ever played, assassins creed is fun also but it isnt that long.

  11. 2k9 is a real good game but I like playing sports games with someone else so much more than against the computer. Assassin's Creed was a good game too but I beat that in one weekend.
  12. hmm open world fallout 3 is a good great game with it getting old that completely depends on you. the game has alot to offer, if you stick to the main story no more than 20 hours but if you like to explore then a lot more i got 80 + hours in my first playthrough their is many choices to be good or bad. it is pretty open their is alot to explore. i played it non stop for a while then i just drifted. and now they released alot more DLC so id say its a good choice
  13. Just bought a brand new copy of Fallout 3 on Ebay for $42 total, can't wait to get it.
  14. get the orange box man. half life 2 is fun.
  15. the orange box,gta 4 or mass effect.
  16. fifa 09
  17. oblivion/fallout3/Orange box
  18. I thought the Orange Box was really focused for online play with TF2, is there a lot of offline play too?
  19. yeah theres half life 2, and portal
  20. Yeah, but how long do those take to beat? I guess you can't beat the $20 price though for everything.

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