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  1. Listen too this i dropped like $180 bucks in the game store today getting a wireless internet thing and other stuff. As soon as i plugged the thing in and cut the 360 on i get the red ring. :mad:

    I guess im going to call the # in the warranty book tommarrow. Anyone ever had to deal with this?
  2. I've had the RRoD once. If it is the 3 lights, it's hardware failure and I believe they fix that free.

    If not, then you'll need to pay to replace it. Newer models do not have this hardware failure, go pick up an arcade 360 if all else fails.
  3. that fucking sucks. ive been thinking about buying a 360, but everyone i know has had theirs break or fuck up.

  4. It is only the earlier models/systems that were prone to hardware failure. If you purchase a newer system you'll be fine, I highly recommend Xbox 360.
  5. I got my 360 2 years ago on Boxing Day.
    Have never experienced RRoD.
  6. same here.

    Had my since launch. my 360 is going to shit right now. :(
  7. a wireless adapter cosr 180? :eek:
  8. No, more like $75 for a Live wireless adapter.

  9. i thought they were like 30$, but then i googled.
    Fuckin microsoft, 75$ is wayy to much for those.

  10. AND! connection is not that great, wireless gives you less speeds then wired.
  11. I might look into these wireless adapters just for the sake of being able to get some decent arcade games.
  12. i got my 360 back in 05 or 06 and still havent had a problem with it :smoke:
  13. I have had mine for around 3 years, I got RRoD once, didn't take long for them to fix it.

    People say buy a PS3, I just don't like Sony, and most the games for it suck

    (just my opinion)
  14. Yeah, just get your money back. I ordered my 360 online w/ the new falcon chip for only $200 new with the hard drive, live kit and of course a wireless controller.
  15. Falcon chip?
    Excuse my ignorance but what the fuck is that?
  16. what code did you get?
  17. Haha, my 360 shitted out on me TWICE. The first one was replaced with a new console a few years ago, then just a month ago that one crapped out. The video card died, Got RRoD and they said I was out of warranty and they needed 100 bucks to fix it. So I paid up and got it back 3 weeks later with 2 free 1 month xbox live cards.
  18. I love the ring of death. It gets me a free month of xbox live. But I have gotten it 3 times now. Any lemon laws on xbox 360's?
  19. 1-800-4MY-XBOX


    Yeah a couple times. No worries though, they always cover RRoD free. Eventually they may even provide you with a brand new Xbox.
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    I'vehad it happen to me 4 times on my 3 different xbox's. actually the new one is un-RRoD'd:D, but i took one apart and fixed it and i have had no trouble on that one, but it was a lot of work and it wasn't fun. i just sent another one of my 360's into the repair shop for RRoD and bought an arcade.

    Oh, to the OP, the RRoD warranty lasts 3 years, warranty for everything else lasts 1 year. Calling microsoft will do nothing, you will have to wait 2 weeks for a box to ship your xbox in. Go to their website and you can electronically file a claim and print out the shipping label and it only takes 2-3 weeks for the xbox to get fixed:hello:


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