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  1. hey guys, i was looking to set up kind of like an XBOX live game night/nights so that we can get together blaze a few bowls and just see how redicoulous we are on our mics/ how awesome we play. if you are interested my gamertag is JeiHan and hopefully we can get this started.

    GC gamertags
    Jminnich500=JeiHan... main games= Dirt,Army of Two,NFS:pS, Forza 2
    Aebstract=abstract... main games=, skate, gta4 and nba 2k7
    Wackdeafboy=wackdeaf boy... main games= cod4, bf:bc, unreal 3
  2. What games do you play? Gonna have to get something that a lot of people have in common. I might renew my xbl membership for it. Gamertag is: aebstract
  3. well right now (just got my 360, havnt played any video games for like a year) i just have army of two and dirt, but i was thinking about maybe setting up some tournys for like madden, nfs pro street (should be fun as hell watching while high, and other competitive games just for bragging rights. right now this is obviously just in the idea phase and all ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I went through a time where a new game would come out and I would trade in two and get one. So I'm real low on games, but I have cod4, skate, gta4 and nba 2k7 atm. Might go do the ol' switcheroo on nba for the 2k9 ;) Can't beat a 6$ game

    edit: for 2k8, apparently 9 isnt out yet ;)
  5. my gamertag is wackdeafboy
    yeah ik, its same as here but i just couldnt figure out a new name

    anyways, i only play shooters,,, cod4, bf:bc, unreal 3

    oh yea, its still summer, i dont play games in summer only fall and winter
  6. oh yea, its still summer, i dont play games in summer only fall and winter[/quote]

    Understandable, i jsut moved so i dont have shit to do since i sold my car so i picked up a new 360
  7. i was wondering if people could pm me or just post there gamertags along with games you have/play so that i may try and set up a gaming league in a sense. Anyone down for some small arms later?
  8. KaptainCain - GH3
  9. alright, im looking for some COD4 players for around 10 or 11 until 2 or 3 am if anyone is down, this could also be the beginning of the Grasscity gaming league of high gamers! points awarded based upon turnout
  10. GT in my sig.

    I haven't been playing lately but I'll likely start up again in the fall.
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    alright, if you know any blazed gamers let me know i want to try and get a 10-20 person league going for various games and every other month i will send a prize of a box of wraps or something to the points leader, or maybe a gift card to a glass site =D

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