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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Xavior, Jun 5, 2003.

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    I'm using 2 125w CFL bulbs at this point. ANd its only Jan that I care for now.

    Alright - this grow is probably going to piss some people off because basically after a week and a half or so, I'm either going to kill them right away (after I try smoking it for the hell of it), or give them away - which is just as bad cause no one grows around here.

    Also - no one should copy what we've done, we are the biggest idiots.

    The set-up:
    Bagseed from some shitty mids I picked up a while back - http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20228
    2x Industrial flouro fixtures
    2x GE 40w 48in Plant and Aquarium flouros
    4x Medium-small clay pots with bottoms
    1x Small Bag 'Frank's Ultra Premium' Potting Mix
    1x Small Bag 'Frank's Ultra Premium' Perlite
    1x Industrial flouro fixture
    2x GE 40w 48in Plant and Aquarium flouros
    1 & 1/2x Medium-small clay pots with bottoms
    A few scoops from the potting soil and perlite.
    Plastic cup
    Some aluminum foil
    Old children's bench

    Ahhh shit :smoking:

    OK - So heres what we did. I took the bag seed and popped like 8 of them in a bowl, I figured my chances needed to be improved since some didnt look to healthy. Of course we are idiots and did this before we even had pots to put them in
    so they stay in the bowl for 3 days instead of overnight.

    My friend also germinated some that same day I started and used the paper towel method.
  2. Then I get motivated and goto a gardening store. I buy a bunch of crap like the pots, soil, and some doodads like watering cans.

    That same day I goto a hardware store and buy 2 grow flouros and some chain to hold up my lights...

    Then I go home and put the seeds in pots - 4 had germinated, but I was sure 2 were dead. I was cursed from the beginning.

    Then I put them outside in THE SUNLIGHT. What an idiot - I realized I was fking with the plants light cycle and brought them back in...after 15 minutes.

    So then I go off and set up my lights in the attic...of course....I do this after I plant my seeds.

    Then I plug in my timer....O YEH - I got a timer too, and I set it for 18/6 cycle and left it.

    My friend had his out in sunlight in a plastic cup by now.
  3. The room I have to grow....and the reason I bought two fixtures but am only using one ;)

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  4. WOW - It looks cleaner in the photo, lol.

    Here is 'Jan' - my plant :D

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  5. And 'Stan', my friend's plant.......actually they are both his, cause none of mine grew, hahahahaha. He brought them over and we are growing his sun stretched plants in my attic :eek:

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  6. Two happy babies - I thought I'd overexpose this one a tad so that I could pretend it was a 1000w MH bulb :'(

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  7. Jan has a lovely body....I would do that in a second....mmm - you know she wants you ;)

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  8. How funny would it be if this wasnt marijuana and that bagseed was really oregano like that kid in the other post said it looked like :eek:

    O - and before someone says it, the reason they hafta die is that I am going on vacation for 6 weeks....I live alone and dont trust anyone enough to look after them.

    I will be doing a second test grow when I get back from vacation using a 1000w MH+HPS swtichable lighting, hydroponics, and grow room design.

    And lastly I will begin my final grows as I have half of my room for one set of plants and the other side for another set. Preliminary estimates show that there will be about 48 square feet available in 8' x 6' dimensions on each side. I would put a 1000w on each side, and hang mylar sheets surrounding the grow space.

    The plants would be grown in hydroponics, as mentioned earlier, but I am having trouble picking a good system. Are there any suggestions? Remember there a sloping roof, so it cant be like a table, it needs to stay down low. I've looked at the following:
    2 of these - http://www.hydro-techhydroponics.com/prod01.htm
    4 of these - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=20546&item=2327023995
  9. when you grow weed outdoors there is really know what it can expand or stretch
  10. Stan is still all sideways, but Jan is doing good...

    I think its finally getting used to the indoors.

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  11. SHIT! What wrong with this plant? I know not to water it much, but why is it leaning like that? Should I tie it up?

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  12. Heres a close-up.

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  13. Stan is doing ok...slow and steady. I'm more concerned with Jan.

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  14. they're long due to lack of lumens.........more light would be needed..........why don't you transplant it into a bigger pot, and then plant it outside in a good location, and it should be fine when you return as long as your not in a dry state.........Peace out........Sid
  15. well, its because my friend put it outside during its early stages...and I can't grow outside, its a pretty busy area, plus I don't want to evev have to think about spider mite s and other outdoor critters. :(

    how can I salvage it in its current stage? can I just put a support under it???
  16. Well, Stan is turning sorta yellow and it didnt help that i knocked the planter over....so I'm not really gonna bother posting about it unless it recovers.

    Jan is kicking ass....

    Also I made some improvements...

    Jan has now been transferred to a bigger pot with stem support...
    I'm now using 4x 40watt Full Spectrum 'Ott-Lite's
    I also did a piss-poor job of adding some aluminum around the sides to keep every lumen I can.

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  17. Who said those NOS balloons were useless...

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  18. Hmm, Jan's leaves are growing in all different directions...I guess thats good since they know where the light is.
  19. stop worrying so much its doing fine

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