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  1. okay this isn't really a dosage question, but like I know a few folks that really dig xannies, and that's cool I don't judge.

    But when I take them, like 2 mg worth, I get reallllly drowsy. Is that how they're supposed to effect you? I took 3 mg tonight and I'm feeling sleepy as a motha fucka.

    But I don't want to sleep. Do I have to fight the sleepyness or what?
  2. xannies are bad in general, imo, i feel drowsy on them too, it gave me a lightheaded sorta sore and shot feeling, my friends drink with it and others do alot of xannies and get into fights, i usually try to sleep it off if it doesnt feel good

  3. shut up :rolleyes::rolleyes: hahah naw main, xannies are nice. you just have to appreciate the sort of high it give.

    they might just make you tired...

    to each their own, you know?

    i'm on a duece and i'm lovin this shit. wish i had some beer tho

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