Xanaxs didnt work as well as I thought.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BlackIce, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Got a handful of white totem poles. Put one down and drank a white russian, then 30 mins later I popped half of one with half a swig of some "admiral nelsons' Silver premium rum" in a mini bottle and then I downed another half with some sweet tea lol
    been smoking bud too

    not as fucked up as i should be off of 2 polls and some liqour and bud.
  2. That's how I feel every time I've done a benzo.
  3. that sucks man.... have taken bars alone before? maybe they don't fuck you up as much as you may have thought because of a naturally high tolerance. :\
  4. I have a naturally high tolerance to depressants. As a naive 40mgs of OC was required to catch a nod, 2mgs of klonopin didn't do anything recreationally noticeable, and I've drinken a big ass cup of 80 proof whiskey and only got a buzz. I only weigh 170lbs, this shit shouldn't happen to me. At least stimulants blow me out of the water!

  5. that would have made me go to sleep and forget everything
  6. you could just have a ridiculously high bar tolerance like me, ive taken 16mg before and I was still legit(able to walk straight, talk fine). most people i know can take 1-2 bars and get FUCKED up, but i need at least 4-5 to feel pretty good, but if i take 3 bars and drink ill get fucked up.
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    I guess i'll take another bar.
    JUST went to my dealers house (on all that shit) and picked up half an 1/8th of some "kind bud" for $35, and it's pretty fuckin good.

    EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I only took another half with another swig of the rum. this bud is really fuckin "kind" though haha

  8. this kid is gonna post in this thread tomorrow morning saying like "HOLY SHIT I DONT REMEMBER MAKING THIS THREAD!! I WOKE UP THIS MORNING PASSED OUT ON THE FLOOR WITH FOOD ALL OVER ME!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!"

  9. hahahahhahahahhahah good ol' xannys
  10. Dude I dont know man, I'm just pretty chill right now. Not doing crazy shit or anything.
  11. haha, if this is your first time with xanax that you definately could be in that situation tomorrow morning. lol
  12. 3rd time with xanies.
    First were .5
    second were wagon wheels
    right now is totem polls
  13. while i can type i wanna say ive taken 3 bars in total with 2 mini bottles of rum 40% alc and smoked some fire bud

    freeling the fuckin effect now hahaha
  14. I hardly noticed anything the first time I took xanax (I think I had 2 bars). But another time I took 3mg (3 blue 1mg's) and was fucked beyond belief.
  15. im adding another white russian for good measure. kaluah, vodka, milk, ice.

  16. well i had like 4 xanaxs but i dont know where they are anymore :rolleyes: figures
  17. i think i took all the bars lol i woke up at 1pm but could of slept till 4.
    fuck i thought i had planned to save one for today.

    guess it'll be a mixture of white/black russians!

  18. hahah yup that happens with bars.... you always pop more than you planned
  19. Xanax works a little better than other benzos for me.. But I mostly don't get anything from them either.. 50mg of Valium is barely noticeable to me
  20. Just traded a guy 4gs of bud for 7 10mg V's and a 10mg perc

    edit: it was schwag bud too. haaaaaa. i'd rather have the pills than that nasty schwag.

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