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  1. dosage for my first time?

    what does bar mean? a certain amount of mg right?

    what does being on xanax feel like?

    is 7 a pill a good deal?

    sorry for the noob questions, but i really don't know a damn thing about pills. never really got into them.
  2. you should injest about 3-4 mg your first time.

    they typically come in bars or footballs. footballs are small blue circular pills that are 1 mg/each.

    usually the effects are mild-moderate relaxation and euphoria (increases w/alcohol consumption but be careful)

    check erowid.com

    it has the specifics to all your questions.

    i don't know if $7/pill is good or not because i don't know what the dosage is. around here it's about $2/per 1mg.

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