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  1. What is it like on Xanax? One of my buds asked me if I wanted to try some next weekend.

    How long does it last, pro's and cons, etc.

    Thanks :)
  2. theres like 10 new threads a day on xanax, use the search button.

    anyways, pros: you'll feel relaxed, all the stress you have will be relieved, it's kind of like being drunk but not as messy

    cons: there's a good chance you won't remember much of the night before, you'll probably do/say shit that you'll regret the next day. also it's addicting, just like any pharmeutical, i fucking eat that shit like candy.

    lasts for a couple of hours, one of the shortest-acting benzos.
  3. its fun in moderation, just dont take too much or as posted above, you wont remember anything.
  4. Xanax is cool for the first hour,

    after that your gonna drop like a rock and sleep like a baby. I dont recommend it on a Friday or Saturday night
  5. I just took one with a couple beers on top to relax on a sunday night. its real good for that brother.

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