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  1. The guy i get my weed from, his friend gets the round blue 1mg pills;) So since the new year i been getting them left and right from this guy, i have never seen this guy but he gives xanax out for weed to my guy... Were does he get so many Xanax????? THE INTERNET?????????? I pay a buck a pill as many as i like, i got 8 pills now but since the new year i think i got close to 100 pills from this guy:D
  2. dude, perscription medication. its not hard to get, thats most likely where he gets them.

    heres mine>
  3. tell ur doc u need them like look up what zanax treats and tell him thats what you have
    thats how i get mind fucking meds but i need them lol weed kicks all there asses though only thing that helps skitcsophrenia in my case
  4. Nowadays docs will drop anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills on you pretty quickly if you just claim you have the typical symptoms. Try doing that next time you see your doctor and see how that goes, lol.
  5. oh so u have skitcsophrenia...

  6. gotta issue with it?
  7. Wait, what? I would think if anything weed would make things worse if you had schizophrenia. I mean delusions and hallucinations are already part of the disorder, I would think marijuana would just further separate you from the real world.

    Are you really schizophrenic, though? Not to be ass but it's kind of silly to misspell your own disorder, especially if it's on the magnitude of schizophrenia...
  8. a buck for a mg of name-brand xanex? thats weird..
  9. Dont mean to be a staunch, but wrong section.

  10. lol, don't go too hard bro, benzo withdrawals blow ass, xanax especially
  11. dude i love monkey bars, sounds like your getting a good deal too.

  12. Wrong forum...Pandora's Box is the section for non-marijuana related drug discussions. What is it with people not even reading forum descriptions? It clutters things up for people who could care less about prescription drugs.

    "Apprentice Tokers This is the forum for you if you're new to tokin' or you have questions about the herb. If you're new to the City, this forum might be for you, as well."

    Questions about the herb...not questions about Xanax, or tobacco, or marshmallow cream. The herb.

  13. Ok so they are Generic: (Mylan A1 blue 1mg alprazolam) Name Brand: (Blue 1mg 031/R shape on the otherside) I think the Guy gets them of the Net????
  14. there are some legit places on the net to buy stuff...i know mainly of places for research chemicals
  15. U can buy Seeds:smoking: Maybe pills too?????
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    I wish I liked xanax because they flow like water out here. $2 or $3 for the green bars, which are 2mg. We call 'em mean greens. Everytime I take a xanny I drink and it always turns out bad. Have come home with two flat tires, woke up in a strangers house etc. I've stayed away from them for over six months now.
  17. I like xanax, but haven't been able to find it in a while. I don't know enough crackheads
  18. I will be in orlando in a few Weeeks... LOL:wave:
  19. If anyone knows where to get xanax online then please PM me
  20. nah dude he has skitcsophrenia. and zanex treats it.:confused:

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