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    Though I have no connection to it, nor even know where to start looking, I am very interested in this particular drug. For those who've done it...what's the overall review on it? What was it like? Was it worth it?

    Oh also, about how long does it last?
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    i dont remember

    lol, but honestly. xanax is a strange drug. in low doses it mellows me real nice, but when i get 6mg+ i start to forget shit, but its pretty fun. i love hearing stories of stupid shit i did while barred out at a friends house.
  3. i was just about to say the same thing lol

  4. the first line.

    "I don't remember". thats all xanax is, you take alot you'll forget the whole night.

    regardless, smoke some sticky herb and pop about 4mg, you'll be on couch lock feeling like you can conquer the world.
  5. truth.
  6. xanax just knocked me the fuck out and i woke up four hours later and didnt remember shit
  7. all depends on how much you take.
  8. honestly there are better "high's" out there, but zany helps if u need to get to sleep when comin off cid or rolls or whatever else thats stopping you from sleeping

    but then again i haven't done high doses of it so i could be mistaken
  9. last night i tried it for the first time ever, only taking 1mg. i just felt a tiny bit relaxed. started drinking on it and just felt drunk. i don't think i took enough for good effects so im gonna try 2mg next time. always better to start low with new drugs though.
  10. xanax is a helluva drug, especially if you have anxiety issues. gotta be careful with it tho because the addiction is very brutal (withdrawals from benzos are horrible).
  11. I love xanax. Best drug imo.
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    word right here

    i used to pop bars like candy (lol @ the "i don't remember" comment).. and that's the truth.. you DONT remember. but yeah getting off of them was fucking horrible. i have an ex-fratdaddy-cokehead friend that said coke was much much easier to quit than xanax was for him.

    however.. they're by far one of my favorite prescrips i've done. 2mgs will have you zoned good. i wouldn't try 4mgs my first time.. xanax doesn't tend to care how much you weigh.. it's gonna fuck you up regardless.
    working is the best on them if you can control yourself. your shift will feel like it lasted about 5 minutes.

    oh and it can last a reallllllly long time. idk if this is just me, but when i first started poppin bars i'd still feel that shit in the morning.

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