Discussion in 'General' started by cRu3uRc, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. what does xanax do to you? i got one, so i might try it tonight. is it fun?
  2. ahhh, xanax, i love that stuff. I'm not sure exactly what it's for, my mom takes them. But i think they are a muscle relaxer. Anyway, they usually give me a drunk-like feeling, and when i take a couple before i drink i tend to get really wasted. 1 probably wont do much to you, but you never know, i take 1 or 2 when i cant get to sleep at night.
  3. if you drink with xanax be responsible at least the will fuck you up i took some ladders one time and i didnt remember shit for 2 days
  4. mmm i love xanax.. yes its not too good to drink with it, you may not remember shit the next day

    and its not a muscle relaxer, its a tranquilzer.. like valium kinda :)
  5. yeah, its relief for stress and aniexty. if you take it, and drink a few drinks, youll feel it. youll feel screwy for sure. screwy is a good word for it! if you drink a lot, yeah you may not remember anything much the next day, and if you take another, be weary of making or recieving phone calls the next day. :) have fun!
  6. what kind....... is the only thing that matters...... blue footballs or bars are the only ones worth eating....... and deff have a cple beers with em.... just remember to be careful.... they just make you shot an you can remember alot of things when your drinking with them....

    Yay for anti anxiety meds......
  7. Blue footballs:)...we call the bars "totem poles" around here.

    I think they're mind erasers. I don't remember shit the next day if I take them. A friend of mine and I will take them when we're drinking and the next day we'll spend about an hour trying to remember the night before. I remember I woke up one morning and my back was hurting and I had bruises all over my side and my leg; finally, after both of us racking our minds, he started laughing his ass off cause he remembered me busting my ass and then chilling in the floor forever cause I was too high and fuckerdoodled to get up. It took me forever to finally get that memory back.
  8. around here everyone seems to have these thing they call zanbars. are those xanax or what. my friends had 2 so i took half and than an hour later i took the other half. it just gav me a headache. should i have had a couple beers or what?

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