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Xanax.... yummy!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Well I know this is a smoking forum, but I am sure we all appreciate other enhancement substances.

    Some of my xanax came today... MMMMMM They work very nicely..




    $ 1.17 a pill, but you don't need a prescription ;)

  3. The ones I get are blue..didnt know they had purple..ever crush them up witha bowl? Its good stuff...
  4. Haha yeah, Don't worry I got some good purple Kush to go with em ;))




  5. Purples are bigger than blue-boys aren't they?

    -Dont ask for hookups man - Bliz

    Edit: Yummy buds, too +rep.
  6. i've heard that xanax is one of "the best" prescription meds, but what exactly is the high like?

    i tried looking into marinol (THC pills) for a minute, but it was freain' expen$ive!

    i doubt there's any pharmaceutical ecstasy, but if there was, i'd sure love to try that! i've always been curious about ecstasy, but don't trust any chemical drugs acquired off the street. i know of two different gals that were shermed off budd and had really bad trips and won't touch weed for it anymore.

    actually, i was just thinking now that i'm active in a shroom thread here that grasscity possibly could use an "other drugs" forum for discussing all things non-marijuana, but it might not happen as i doubt anyone wants this to become a crackhead & tweakers hangout.
  7. yeah the generic CIV alprazolam tablets are blue, the real ones made by the company XANAX are purple.

    Most people get / sell the generics because they are cheaper, the real ones pack a little more punch in them.

    Nah never sprinkled one over a bowl, I'll try that.
  8. They are a very unqiue high, and the effects vary on the dose, mild dose you are very mellow, more sociable, a lot more relaxed, talkative, very euphoric feeling, kinda like a kinda drunk feeling --,

    a Mid dose will make you pretty dis-oriented stumble and slur your words like your very drunk

    high doses you can completely black out not remembering parts of an evening, and eventually most likely pass out for a nice 8-10 hour nap
  9. Be careful with xanax. I had a seizure from xanax withdrawals 2 days ago when i didnt even think I was addicted. Plus I was only taking the 0.5mg so be careful!
  10. Hey man,

    Thanks for the kind words and advice brother, but I have taken up to 16 MG before in a night (8 bars, or 16 of the ones I got above).

    I'm pretty tolerant to them. Good word of advice to anyone new to the drug though!

    Always good to be careful when trying new substances.
  11. fuck xanax dude. i used to be big into them, but i did shit i wish i could take back, and many of my close friends can back me up. i learned about how dumb it was before everyone else did, and i tried warnin them, but they didnt listen. ik, it feels good to just not give afuck about anything or anyone when ur all bared out, but when u dont have any left, and you wish you could take back things u did because you were fucked up, its a bitch.
  12. hey man,

    That can happen with anything, I work 7 days a week, make 7 figures a year, provide for my family, etc.

    Drugs become a problem when you lose track of your goals in life.

    And I don't really know what you mean by " it feels good to just not give afuck about anything or anyone when ur all bared out, but when u dont have any left, and you wish you could take back things u did "

    On bar's I hang out with friends at my house, work on my business, chill, smoke weed, watch TV. I don't do anything I wish Icould take back lol.

    Sounds like you guys were just immature drug users that lost track of your priorities to me.
  13. I'm no mod, but you really should have put this in general. Like you said, this is a smoking forum, right?

    Also, I've never done xannies, I hear they are good...I have no real ambition to go out and find them though. Oh well, to each their own.
  14. Goddamn wunschshrek...anything you don't have the HOOK-UP on?
  15. I too would appreciate a pm of the link my "source" is depleted
  16. nice pickup man, those do look good! xanys are awesome, too bad there so hard to get around here.. if you dont mind could you please pm with the 'source', it would much appreciated;)
  17. Hes got bud pics in the post so therefor it can go here, and i couldnt Rep you yesterday so +Rep.

  18. I don't think the mod's will have a problem, I am friendly / talk to most of them. Thanks for your concern though.
  19. good job turning a few people into xanax users :hello:

  20. its not like just because hes talking about xanax doesnt mean he isnt a seasoned toker, I tend to think if your looking for advice from someone who has more than a couple posts seasoned tokers is where to go..I dunno general threads are all like "I can get those for 1.15$ instead of 1.17 you got ripped off" type of threads

    and those nugs look daank

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