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xanax, weed, and anxiety

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tokin'love, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. well i just smoked a few bowls and was looking around on gc and it seems alot of people have problems with anxiety and such. well all of my anxiety that ive had for a while now is due to GAD-general anxiety disorder. Im thinking about taking xanax because its messing with my sleep and concentration and school is about to start. SO now that i have this GAD i can see early symptoms from way long ago, before i started smoking.

    but im rambling...I know that weed tends to bring out underlying mental disorders. but could these have been avoided by not smoking? I cant help but feel like i brought this upon myself..and still i continue to smoke cuz as weird as it is, it is the only thing that relaxes me and just makes me feel chill and not worry so much..so now im considering xanax. I feel like its bad to smoke and still take something like that plus im afraid of getting addicted. ON THE OTHER HAND-It would be nice to just be regular calm and smoke just as an extra and not so much as a crutch...

    Any Thoughts? Any xanax perscribed, everyday tokers?

    sorry its long!
  2. i was prescribed xannies but they fucked me up after a while of taking them.. lol not to mention is quite addictive..

    i have GAD aswell as social anxiety..

    im currently taking trazodone, if a doctor offers you this med do NOT take it lol... this is fucking with me bad..

    it gives me the most lucid nightmares everynight all night... im just being chased alll night someone wants something from me but i dont know what... these feelings of being chased are now carrying over into real life, i feel like im trapped inside a nightmare all day... even when awake.

    only thing that helps me is getting completely fried out of my mind.. im talking like 2g blunt to my dome.
  3. woah, im on trazodone as well. I have GAD, and take prozac for it, but i was prescribed trazodone for sleeping. I only take it occasionally, but i've never had problems with it. I have really good and vivid dreams on it (never nightmares). my only complaint is i sometimes wake up dizzy. the prozac has worked well...

    i don't think weed brought out my anxiety... i've always been an anxious person... i can't help it, my mind is just always working at warp speed... when i run out of things i need to think about... i think about everything else

    if anything the weed helps

  4. Hey yea I'm a heavy weed smoker around a g a day. I am prescribed xanax 1mg 4 times a day(4mg total per day), and it seems to keep my panic attacks and GAD i have in control. It helps alot too when i smoke pot because sometimes ill get panic attacks when i smoke weed. Over all i would recomend klonopin, its a longer lasting form of a benzo and it isnt so fast acting like xanax which makes people get addicted to xanax easier IMO xanax is also shorter lasting its a "fast acting short lasting" drug which can be very addictive.

    Ive been on klonopin then i started taking xanax i might go back to kpins its a little easier for me to control my dosage and not taking more than needed.

    I hope any info that i have helps please ask anything elce you might want to know ive been on these kinds of meds for about 4 years now. :smoke:
  5. Yeah, im currently getting 60 quarter milligram pills a month for my anxiety. I have one refill left til im probably gonna be done with it though. I totally agree with you, it kinda is brought on myself somewhat, but when I smoke weed, i dont even need to take my xanex because the weed does the job for me. On days I dont smoke though, I pop about 3 mg of xanex to get through it haha. Just a matter of what you think is best for you.

    ps. after a while you dont even get a pleasurable feeling from the xanex. Thats why its not as heavily controlled as opiates and such. It almost just gives me a little bit of a tired feeling. Kinda just stops your mind from running I guess.
  6. Dont stop taking them abruptly whatever you do. You will have a seizure.

    Xanax helps my anxiety a lot. Weed just makes it worse now probably from smoking everyday for 3 years that why im on a LONG break from it.
  7. Sometimes I feel like the most anxious person in the world. Finally I've got insurance for the first time since I turned 18 so now I can go talk to a doctor and see how I can start addressing this problem. Combined with severe depression I think it's a lethal pair. I could care less about the addictive potential of certain drugs or about side effects. I just want relief.
  8. I'm perscribed xans and smoke dailiy. I usually go through them within a couple days, then again, benzo's are my drug of choice next to tree.
  9. I'm also one of those ppl that can't smoke weed anymore cuz it gives me a lot of anxiety. A lot more than I already have when I'm sober. Since 14 I was cool smoking but these days (9 years later) the feeling of being high off bud has changed. I get so nervous, anxious, whatever, all I know is it's not comfortable & I have even memories of being so high around people that I started to tremble while standing up. So I stopped smoking & sooner or later found xanny bars from a girl my homies picked up sacks from. I haven't tried smoking on benzos maybe it will be different?

    Anyway wish I could go back to feeling good high. Maybe it's all in my head, who knows...
  10. Xanax makes me crave weed like no other, I couldn't imagine not smoking on it.
  11. xanax + weed + beer = favorite

    and blackout central but hey

    what can i say :laughing:
  12. I've also had GAD for a few years- mine use to be really bad. I use to have at least on panic attack at school every day. I only started smoking about a month or two ago, so clearly it's not a cause effect thing with weed for me either. I was perscribed Xanax but I hate taking it because.. well, I hate taking all my meds. But especially my ritilin (I have nearcolepsy as well) and xanax, because it messes with my brain almost immideatly and.. I dunno. I just take it when i'm on the verge of having a panic attack. It doesn't help that I also have depression and bi polar disorder, either :/

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