xanax totem poles??

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  1. Kid said he can get this shit called totempoles 4mg xanax bars .... anyone ever hear ive only seen 2mg ones .. 6$ a pop (he baught 4 5$ so w/e)

    ..help by 5 would be appricated.. im googlin like crazy

    ok sry last post got really crazy


    Originally Posted by boredjim8
    ok but is 6$ bad price?

    For 2mg bars, yes.
    But for the 2 or 3mg xr i would buy it. I got a 2mg xr once and crushed it up and it seemed stronger than immediate release


    6 bucks for a 2 mg pill isnt worth it in my opinion, they sell for around 1 buck a mg, so i wouldnt pay more than 4 for one. but usually 2

    But ive heard of people paying 8 a pill around here, so its a normal price i guess
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    edit-quoted from erowid

    Alprazolam typically comes in four different strengths: 0.25 mg (white), 0.5 mg (peach), 1.0 mg (blue), 2.0 mg (white), although generic brands can be other dosages as well. An extended-release version (Xanax XR) is also available, in capsules of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 milligrams.

    An average adult dose is typically 0.5-3 mg per day, with a maximum dosage of 4 mg daily. Tolerance develops very quickly; those who take it on a daily basis may find they need to increase their dosage in order to get the same effects.

    Street price is often US$5 per 2 mg tablet (2004). The 0.5 peach tablets are rarely seen on the black market, and the 0.25 tablets are even rarer. Prescription prices vary depending upon location, insurance, generic or brand, etc
  2. I've heard of them, Never seen them. They might exist like the coffins exist jus real rare, Gotta get em from the hopsital, Or a real strong extra strength kinda shit script.

    But ive heard about them out here, Always the same thing. Call em totem poles and they 4 mg's. Ive tryed to get my hands on them but never could.

    So your pretty much back at where you started. Ive heard of them, But i wont belive till i see.

    Goodluck bro, Let me know if you get them.
  3. as far as i knew i thought xanax only came in up to 3mgs... i could be/probabaly am wrong though.

    go to drugs.com and search for xanax and it'll give you a bunch of pictures and info and shit.
  4. I still dont understand why people do xanax recreationally, I thought it just put you to sleep. Whats it supposed to be like?
  5. Nope your right man. Xanax immediate release have .25mg's, .5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. And the XR's go up to 3mg
  6. Small doses make you feel calm or relaxed. Higher doses get ya buzzin. I dont care for them much, Not enough buzz for me. Give me them Tylenol 3-4's or Soma's.

  7. IC, the only time I took it was when I was coming down from rolling, and it just made me pass out. I felt like I layed down, closed my eyes, and 2 seconds later I open them and 4 hours had passed. It was seriously like I blinked away 4 hours.
  8. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=xanax+bars

    ^ That's what they look like.

    Some people pass out from them if they take too much, other's just get really chill. They can be mind erasers, that's for sure.
    As far as the price of $6...that's really high. I think that $3 is the normal price for those around here.

  9. For the lazy


    reminds me of pez

  10. guy at work took a 3mg and smoked a j and was "drooling on his balls" as he commonly puts it. he made it sound fun :smoke:
  11. Serequel does that shit to me.

    And to RMJL, Shit even $3 a bar is high IMO. I pay $2 max if im jus buyin a single. 3 for $5, Ect.

  12. yeah sound like king pins to me. i love my klonopin. its like xanax but doesnt make me all weird like a xan bar. plus have a couple drinks and damn... theyre even better.
  13. i love xanax...i get buzzin real good on 4 mgs
  14. w/e im a get em .. =p
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  16. I'm almost positive the normal white totem poles are only 2mg, .5 each section. There are 3mg versions I've seen which are green in color, and there are other 3mg versions but in a different shape.

    And prices...depends on where you are. Poles always go for about $5 where I'm at, unless you're getting it from someone with a script and buying a lot, which you'll nab them for $3-4 then. They're worth it IMO, especially considering pain pills around here go for like a dollar a milligram (Tab 10 = $10).
  17. Wtf are you talking about?? no one here is asking how to get over anxiety or depression... did you read the thread at all?? did you...
  18. ^^ true that

    can you really buy scripts over the internet though?

  19. ummm... spam anyone? ANYONE? cmon that site looks shady as fuck, and the poster tries to act like he's sneakin it in there like "make sure you arent getting fake pills from an internet pharm, heres where i get mine!

    and urban dictionary seems to be full of shit too, saying that the peach .5's are rare, they aren't fuckin rare, there the most highly prescribed xanax that they give out, bars are far more rare than .5's

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