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  1. I popped 1 1/2 bars the day before yesterday and again today and I'ma get 5 today and continue the one an 1/2 a day till those run out, will I gain a tolerence in that span or after that binge? I just started them, I had school today. It sucks because my senior year ends in DAEP (Deferred alternitive education program) so I took a bar and a half today and I just remeber the beginning of the day and waking up an hour before school got out and not remembering anything before of that day. I have 4 more days of school and I want to do this the entire time.

    So ultimately, will I gain a tolerence if I do that?
  2. You'll gain a tolerance with anything if you keep taking it. I say take 1 1/2 for maybe 2-3 days then step it up to 2

    (I'm L33T OMGZ)
  3. Yes,you will.Tolerance builds fast with benzodiazipines,if you want to stay low on the tolerance scale,only dose once a week to get a high give or take a few days.I have abit high of a tolerance for Xanax.I have been taking them for awhile though on and off,I am weaning myself of now as to not withdraw as hard from them(WD from Benzos suck,BAD).

    I have to take atleast 5 mg's to get a nice little buzz going on,I had to take 13 mg's total last time to get a high from them.So I would say tolerance goes up fast and is a bitch.

    Keep it to once every one or so weeks and you should be good to go.
  4. damn, that sucks a nut... So by the end of my binge I'll have a tolerence.. How fast will it go away, since it gains so quickly.
  5. For me,it will go away about a month after no using,maybe starting to go away at 2 weeks.Though,after the first or second time of dosing to get high on Xanax my tolerance will be at the same level it was at before hand.

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