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  1. First off, just wanna say i'm not one to pop pills, and have only take a few Vics once or twice. More into weed and hallucinogens personally. But anyways, i pulled a muscle in my neck and don't have money to head to the docs, but my friend said he could get me some xanax. So tomorrow he's bringing by one of the bars (2 mg i think?) and i was just wondering, is this enough to subdue the pain, and maybe give me a bit of an added boost?
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    Xanax wont make the pain go away it will just make you forget about it lol. Try to get some muscle relaxers like somas. But get them anyway cause xanax is the shit.

    EDIT- Yes 2 mg will have you feeling loose as a goose. Smoke some bud on them and your golden.
  3. well its not really a pain killer,but i mean your gonna feel all chilled out and shit,it will probly help manage the pain a little bit.
  4. painkillers like vicodin, codeine, etc are more for that i think. muscle relaxers too like somas and flexeril. ACole420 is right though, xanax will just make you forget about the pain.
  5. ^Agreed xanax will loosen you up a bit though which might help. Drink a couple of beers with it.
  6. I thought xanax was a muscle relaxer? Well anways, it's all i can get right now, so it should help out somewhat. I've been smoking bud all day to ease the pain, but it doesn't do much
  7. no. its an anti-anxiety med. I think it'll help cause it sure helps me whenever i have any problems LOL
  8. Xanax has quite a lot of purposes it will probably help you out

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