xanax pricing

Discussion in 'General' started by mrstarfishh33, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. how much does one xanax 25mg go for usially?
  2. they don't make 25's.

    Here a bar (2mg) is $5.
  3. SO a bottle full of xanax for twenty bucks is a pretyty nice deal?
  4. I would kill for it.
  5. Yaa man, but whats it exactly do?
  6. I think hes talking about .25mg pills, which you would have to take about 8 to feel anything. Depends on how many are in the bottle, but I probably wouldnt pay 20 for it.
  7. Anti-anxiety medicine used as hypnotic, sleep-aid, and sedation.

    Can't explain the high but Xan's are my all time favorite pill. They fuck you up, and a little packs a punch. they get you care free which can be good and bad. I always do stupid shit but it makes spitting game easy. I can pick up any girl on xans (unless I took a couple). With a beer and a couple hits you'll be lovin life.
  8. ya i am sure i mean the .25 g's so twenty would not be a very good deal then?
  9. I suppose if there were at least 32 or more in the bottle it would be a good trade.

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