Xanax + Pot = BUST

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  1. I should win an award for this crazy story I will tell you right now...

    It all started....I was at a party getting blazed with some friends when some girls shown up and one thing led to another and the next thing I know I have "Parents" calling me talking about pressing charges this and that....daughters were minors blah blah....

    I skip town and go to Memphis were my roomate happend to be a coke dealer, (This was my first experience w/ coke and probably did it for 2 months) Anyway...we had lots of parties, girls, booze, bud, we were on top of the world in the cheapest way possible.....

    *While I was Sleeping*
    My roomate was notorious on giving people fronts (they owe him money) and one day decided to take 3x Xanax bars ..... (we were buying at .75 piece and slinging for $5); He happens to see a guy who owes him $40 in the parking lot and runs out their with his 38 special trying to hold this guy up for his $40. Any how a undercover cop just happend to be swimming at a pool near our complex and see this all take place. (This is what I found out after this incident)

    *While I was Sleeping*
    I heard a knock at the door like it were the "cops" but we have jackass friends who have been doing that shit....(you already see where this is going), my friend was also staying the night and he got up to go answer the door while I layed assed out...Next thing I hear is a loud thud and someone yell something about "Police Department", Im still 100% sure this is a friend fucking around...so I stand up and grab my pants and proceed to put them on while walking towards the living room where the noise was taking place, I open my door and I have 5x Glocks and a Pump 12"Gauge staring me in the face (*Shortly after my pants hit the ground*)...and i see my friend on the ground with a cop on his back. Im still tired as fuck and my mental state was oddly (mellow) and easy going "while my friend and anyone else around was shaking mad crazy".....A female cop came up to me and slammed my ass on the ground .... yes a female cop ... slammed my ass ... like no butch dike has before.

    They ended up finding my roommates gun under the oven lid.. where the smartass cop commented that we are lucky we didn't decide to cook soup. (They never found his stash) They checked light bulbs, receptical plates, vents, furniture...(we had cleverly hollowed out his room door on the very top while open (Slides right in).

    They run all of our names and we all come up clean and since they found nothing but the gun my roommate went to jail...bail set at $5,000 ...

    Now a new problem, the cops are on to us ... our homie is in jail and hes like Kenny from Half Baked ... one of those guys who just SHOULD NEVER go to jail for no other reason than being a small pussy. So we have to take his stash and sell the shit Quick like.....had him out of jail in 2 days.

    The paper said that he was caught with crack/cocaine and he in turn sued them for Slander for they found NOTHING on him and found only a GUN in the apartment.....

    (never stuck around to see how things went after we got him out, I moved back to my state and kept my nose clean)
  2. Lovely.

    Guns in your face.

    Your house busted up.

    Getting thrown in jail....

    All over waving a pistol at someone for 40 measly dollars. 40 turns into 5000.

    Good move.

  3. your friend wins the award for least intelligent drug dealer of the day. never wave a gun at someone who you dont plan to shoot wiht it, and id hope to god that nobody would ever be shot for 40 dollars. if someone owes me money, and they arent paying, id rather not get paid then do something dumb and put everyone around me in danger. thats just retarded.

    damn lucky he didnt get you into trouble, cause im sure if they found drugs in your appt, youd have your ass carted off to the slammer just as fast as he did. tell your friend to be more careful the next time he puts you all at risk, and if hes selling xany bars, why the fuck does he need a gun??? i know dealers who sell a lot more shit than that, in much bigger ammounts who never ever ever fuck with firearms. your just asking for trouble, and besides, do you honestly think you could ever get fucked out of a big enough deal to warrant killing or shooting to kill another man to get that money back??? i cant.
  4. Yeah, I gotta say, your friend is fucking retarded, man. Waving a gun in someone's face over such a small amount of money. Sorry, but that shit's fucking stupid. He deserved to sit in jail. However, I'm glad he got their asses for slander. Calling Xanax coke is fucked up on the police's part.

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