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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by boogieman1234, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. :wave:Hi ive been recently pescribed xanax for my anxiety. my problem is im not sure when to take them. I know there for anxiety so do i just take one every time im getting bad anxiety? more than once a day? will i eventually become dependant on them? they are .5mg and theres like 60 or something

    thnks in advance
  2. so your doctor didnt tell you? whenever you are having an anxiety attack, eat one. whenever you think you might have anxiety during an activity, eat one before hand.

  3. should say on the bottle or ur doc should of told u. for me i take 1mg 4 times a day equal time apart starting when i wake up then go to bed so im kinda on it all day

    if i start to have an attack i sometimes take a 5th for the day to calm me down take it slow this stuff is very addicting. good luck
  4. well i like benzo's alot (which is what xanax is) and i chewed threw 90 xannies in 6 days. they are very addicting. however personally, i love em.

    if you wanna keep it under control just take 1 or 2 when you feel tense or anxious. theyll calm you down.

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