Xanax not doin it.

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. WEll i got prescribed xanex 2.0 tabs for my anxiety and i said i dont go to bedtill like 3 in the morning(by choice) but i think he figures its cause i just cant sleep lol, well when i take a pilll it doenst do anything, ive taken one each day the past three days and i havent felt anything, shouldi try two? should i mix with my weed? should i tell my therapist its not doing anything, what will he do? up how much i take? or give me a different pill?
  2. im not a doctor, but i remember a doctor telling me when you get perscribed to a new type of med, you genereally have to go thru like 2 weeks to a month and a half or something like that, so your body can get used to it, to see if it really has any effect on you, but then they also might bump up the dose and what not, i dunno, if your trying to get xanax soley for the purpose of abusing it, then yah, bitch to your doctor about it not doing anything, and casually bring up if he could like bring up the dose or something, i dunno, good luck.
  3. if you dont want your xanax i'll have em
  4. seee its weird, i wasnt trying to get prescribed anything and then he jst brought up xanex the other day and so itried ot get it prescribed to me after that so i could get somen that i could legally have in my room for me to get fucked up off of besides weed so that spounded good since i avent done xanex since i first started smoking but i loved it and just never remembered them so never bought them again lol, so whats everyones opinion on what i shold do lol?
  5. keep the xanax 2mgs are good dose .. sell them .. and just dont take them :eek:

  6. i kinda have the opportunity to get my OWN prescription when i can have pills to f me up all the time rght now and i kinda wanna take advantage of this right now instead of just selling them on the street i dont like to deal its not my thing, id rather buy my own pot to smoke and maybe sell off ahalf q or somen to make my money back or id rather uust have a bottle of legal pills on me at all times lol it would make me o so happyt:p
  7. If those xannies really don't do anything for you dude I'll buy your script everytime you get one lol. Seriously

  8. haha ALRIGHT how much? jk jk
  9. i hear 2 mg z bars will pull like 8 on the cheap so 30 in a bottle thats 240 minus 30 for the presc, so around 200 if you do it right, and if you can get on a regular you can hookup with a buddy and off them in a day, fast money is in the future for you kid
  10. but i dont associate with these kinds of work, so yeah good luck

  11. zbars here are 2 bucks.
  12. Zanny's are fucking stupid anyways IMO. When I was in high school anytime someone was arrested or something Zanny's where somehow involved. They basically turn you into a walking zombie, not for me.
  13. i disagree, i think they are fun as hell

  14. I redisagree, but just because i slept thru my whole xanax experience.
  15. Man xanax is crazy, i took 7 .5mg pills and i was insanely fucked up. i got caught cus i was so out of it, but nothing really came of it so i had a good time. try taking around 3 mg's that'll do you good im betting, just try not to be around authority figures cus like someone said before me your like a waking zombie. Like being drunk but you dont remember shit and i thought i was totally straight, lol i was very wrong.
  16. i snort a few here and there when i party at my buddies campus while im drinkin beers and i think its amazing

    mayb do not take then when you are tired......
  17. pills sometimes take awhile to work
  18. guy at work enlightened me about a shit load of drugs. hes a wicked cool guy that has done prolly just about every drug there is...

    according to him pop a xanax and smoke a bowl you will be fucked up outta your mind. he was tellign me all sorts of stories.... like he poped a 2mg and smoked a j and was soo retarted his wife had to take him outta the shower and put him in bed... god i was laughing my ass off

    but yeah if you do smoke with xanax make sure your not going anywhere for a while. act like your popping boomers or something.

    straight up xanax i dont think does much to you.
  19. They don't make a 7.5 milligram xanax. they make .5, 1, and 2
  20. I would not tell your doc that they do not work. I tried this to no avail, he put me on a whole different med. Trust me you got the good stuff on the first try, unless you want valuim or ativan, but I would have to say that zannys are nice so I would stick to them If I were you. JOE>

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