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Discussion in 'General' started by RelaxDontDoIt, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Im not sure if this is some kind of penalty or foul or whatever you want to call it against the rules "watched too much football" but if anyone could help me find a good legit site i can order xanax from. i just dont want to get screwed and the people i used to buy from are done. Any help? Thanks ;)
  2. that is against the rules. i wouldnt trust ordering anything like that online. i personally would highly suggest against it. sorry but no one will be able to help you on this one. :( peace.
  3. It's expensive. My advice is to get a legal prescription. It's not hard to get, the only problem is they start you off at a low dose. All you have to do is see a psychiatrist and tell them you're having panic attacks. Make sure to tell them you have tried all other avenues and it's your last resort!

    You can order Xanex online through a Mexican pharmacy. However, there is no guarantee they won't just take your money and send nothing or even worse that your package won't get ceased by customs.

    I'm not going to post links, but google is your friend.
  4. damn, i was hoping there was a possibilty without having to go the legal way
  5. don't go through any online website, 95% of them are fake and they are a scam.

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