Xanax For Dogs...Safe for Humans?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Daggermouth, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Well I'm not a 100% sure on this but I was talking to my friend at lunch and we were discussing xanax. He said he probably wouldn't want to do it but I said if I could get my hands on it I probably would. Anyway...he told me that his friend(some-what of my friend) and his family give xanax to his dog because allegedly he freaks out during thunderstorms.

    Is this possible and if so would it be safe for me to take?

    I don't know much about xanax and I wouldn't take it until I've done all the research but I'm thinking I should snag this if it's a true opportunity...

    What do you guys think? (If I'm dead wrong, please tell me politely :))
  2. bro thats funny as fuck cuz my next door neighbors dogs are prescribed 2 mg xanax bars because they freak out and shit all over the house during thunderstorms lol. but yeah dude me and him have taken their xanax before its the same shit
  3. Hahaha! I guess it is true then. I think I'll give him a shout sometime tomorrow about it...
    Thanks bro.
  4. Hah dude what if you went to vet told em he freaks out like that and they give em a xanax script. Except you take all the bars for yourself LOL. Thats a great idea:rolleyes: :D
  5. Yeah, sam is right. You can get most of your dog's prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy because they use the exact same drugs for humans and animals. If you have never taken xanax before, 1-2mg should be a good starting spot. Got me fucked up as hell my first time.
  6. who would vets prescribe abusable drugs for a problem that can be fixed in other ways?
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  7. Anxiety can be fixed in other ways also........ welllll not "Fixed", but managed.
  8. its a fucking dog...just take him to the dog whisperer and all his problems will be solved

  9. Gimme the xanax instead, and I'll take em.
  10. yea becoming a benzo addict will be fun

  11. I've been a benzo addict bro, not fun shit.

    Over time you can learn moderation, well those with a strong mind will.

    ... Something tells me you're just trying to start some shit though, remember, if you can't play with Pandora, don't come to the Box.
  12. Oh shit that made me laugh so hard
    Giving a dog xanax for freaking out and shitting in the house...HAHAHA
  13. If the bottle says the chemical is just straight Alprolozam, than yes it'd be safe. But why you gonna use your homies dogs medicine? It obviously needs them or it wouldnt be prescribed them. As for my dog, we give her Benadryl during storms for the same reason.
  14. It should be fine. My friends dog was prescribed Valium from the vet. Yes the dog has its own prescription and often times has trouble communicating with the pharmacy techs. Really tho, he has his own valium stash. Sweet!
  15. Lmao this is rediculous...vets do not prescribe xanax to dogs... a lot of people will give there dogs benedryll to make them chill out though...
  16. They gave my one dog diazepam, i ate a couple of them. first pill i ever did was valium lol
  17. yeah my dog gets prescribes 2mg xanax bars.

    he pisses on the carpet during thunderstorms if he doesnt have his xanax haha
  18. Damn my dog must be oblivious. She dont even wake up during thunderstorms lol.

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