Xanax footballs

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I have some most likely fake xanax footballs. Got sold them at a festival in the dark, didn't realize it till I saw in the light. Pill is a blue football exactly like a real one, scored on one side, unmarked on the other. It's really soft and when I bit a chunk off it, it tastes nothing like xanax, kinda chawky. Most likely fake, or is there a chance it's from a different country or something?
  2. pop it and find out! let us know how goes it ya diigggg:wave::smoking:
  3. probably an aleve you descibed it to a t i got a bottle full on my desk they look like 1.0 mg xanax
  4. [​IMG]

    Yea it looks exactly like that except the Aleve side is scored with no writing, the other is still blank. Eh it's most likely fake since it tastes absolutely nothing like Xanax, (and rubs off a little on fingers). Just wondering what it could be, thanks. Fuck fake drug sellers at festivals.
  5. not the brand aleve naproxan sodium from the local drug store off brand stuff
  6. haha man. I hate people ripping off other freeks at fests. It fuckn sucks. We all just wanna get fucked up why push fakes...that pisses me off more then anything people selling one thing as another.....man. I got a pill dropped in my hand as vicodin. I regonized it as nodoze 0_o. needless to say I got my money back..no force need. =D just yelling and getting in his face.
  7. Yea seriously what the fuck 99% of the people there have awesome vibes and are nice but god damn people selling fake doses and shit should fuck off. I make sure to analyze any molly and doses (and the sellers general attitude and friendlyness) I buy to make sure that's not fake, but who the fuck fakes a pharmy, I just saw blue footballs in the dim light and assumed someone wasn't desperate enough to sell me fake pills for $15. Oh well you live and learn, least the most expensive drugs were very real :smoking:
  8. sorry to hear that man, just picked up 100 of em lol there real. I am lucky tho i have the best connects in the world, there all my friends so i can get every drug under the sun except DMT but sometimes she likes to show up and thats when i buy her:D

  9. I fuckin hate you man.:p

    Im gonna get some DXM today, just cuz i dont have anything else... :(
  10. footballs and dope killed me more than once
  11. fuck people who sale fake shit more than almost anyone on the face of this earth.
  12. i dunno OP but xanax has the most bitter horrib;e taste ever...... if it isn't that its polly fake.

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