xanax, codeine/promethazine, couple of bt's. safe?

Discussion in 'General' started by electrikbroz425, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. hey im new to this grasscity, so like i think ive posted this thread now 3 times, im kind of confused on where you are suppose to post threads but anyways my question is is it ok to take all those together? half a bar, couple tablespoons, and 2 bt's. ne one know from experience, friends experience? lemme know, greatly appreciated. thanks. :smoke:
  2. you'd probably get better responses if you put this in pandoras box.

    i would help but i dont know much about those.
  3. i already answered this in the other section but ill repost here.

    i know for sure you can do xanax and smoke and be fine, but im not so sure about taking promethazine with them. i know you can smoke and take promethazine too but i just dont know about them all together. benzos dont usually react with phenothiazines so you should be good if all youre taking is half a bar, because if you were prescribed to 2 mgs daily of xanax and you had a cold so you took some promethazine im pretty sure it wouldnt kill you, but what the hell do i know? i aint a doctor
  4. this belongs in pandoras box

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