Xanax and memory loss

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  1. I have been taking xanax recreationallly and occassionaly smoke bud after. When I toke I honestly don't remember half the shit that I do and have to be reminded of what I did while on bud + xanax.
    It seems to just affect the memory of that day, but will it fuck up my memory and how I react and think eventually?
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    That's normal, and maybe it will fuck you up (memory wise but not too bad) over long periods of time of constant use, other than that you will be fine man, just make sure to take breaks every once in a while to let your brain function normally for a little bit. Have fun :D
  3. xanax = zombified. i always forget shit ive done with xanax alone. i have a high benzo tollerence and 2mg and a bowl will not zombify me but ill forget shit.
  4. Welcome to xanax friend :D
  5. Stop spreading lies. Xanax wont make your teeth fall out.

    If you use it a lot you will become addicted and get horrible WD's and you will not feel normal with out it.
  6. bro xanax is a benzo, your teeth will not fall out. dont spread mis-information
  7. Oh yeah and I think with xanax the biggest risk is you doing something stupid.
  8. I never typed that, what are you talking about?

    Haha j/k, sorry I should have done enough research :bongin:
  9. Yeah man I've lost many days on benzos. Shit happens. One of my friends was found in his closet prying up his floor boards looking for "treasur" after our week-long binge on kpins, hydros and adderall.
  10. Xanax is good shit ive had many good times that i cant remember after snortin one and poppin like 2 more and smokin bud on them is best you might not remember shit but ur friends will fill you in and ull kno u had a good time dont start takin them everyday tho it WILL fuck you up bad your memeory will be shot and youll be zombied out all the time ive seen it happen to ppl its ok to take them every now and then, and youll be straight i love gettin zombied out after 3 and a nice blunt:smoking::eek:
  11. No hard feelings bro :smoke:

    just hate seeing misinformation spread. All DEA propoganda to scare people away from relativley safe drugs (ie MDMA). Hell cigarettes and burbon are worse for u body then MDMA)

  12. lmfao +rep +rep +rep
  13. that made me geek too!:hello:

    oh man xannies are trouuubble. haha but are soo good. I binged for a couple months with maybe a week of sober days, maybe. and my memory was shitty for that time and I was a ZOMBIE but it was fun and I've been laying off to get my tolerance back down but my brain and anxiety are fine, anxiety maybe even a little better.

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