xanax addiction

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  1. ive been doing about 2mg of xanax for the past week...and i was wondering how long can take that amount till you start becoming addicted.:confused:
  2. Whenever you see one you immediately take it, or do subnormal things to obtain it.

  3. ^^wrong... ull be able to tell when ur addicted when your body builds up enough in ur system that when u DONT have it, you could get sick, have anxiety attacks,chills, nausea etc. i was prescribed xanax for quite a while. if you have any questions let me know:wave:

    also you could develop a physical dependancy within a couple weeks
  4. how often can you do benzos without is being a problem? I like using them to chill but I'm wondering how I should moderate it? (generally only take them once a week or even once a month sometimes
  5. do it moderately, shit. like every other drug besides weed of course. dont do it every fucking day how do you think people get addicted to shit like that?
  6. Addiction really differs from person to person. Some people could gobble those things down every day for a week and afterwords be fine, while others would be in quite a different situation entirely. If I were you, I would just make sure I can still have a great time chillin without the pills than with them. If you end up needing the pills to have fun, you know you have a problem.
  7. imo dont risk it.dont take them tomorow and se what happens
  8. yeah ima just stop with the pills for a while and just stick with the weed. thanks for the responses everyone...
  9. I got addicted to xanax taking about 1.5mg-2mg a day for about a month and a half and i stopped abruptly cause i couldnt get anymore and had a serious ass seizure. Seizures suck so definitely to that shit moderately.
  10. yea u really wont know, its not like heroin when you get sick the next day when your addicted

    it might take a day or 2 to set in, but u'll get sick, n u can have a seizure and die from benzo withdrawl

    thats a serious ass physical addiction if your body needs it just not to possibly die
  11. Hey there,I have been doing xanax too much recreationaly.First it started off like you.I would go a week on 2-3 mgs a day then my tolerance would go up and I would have to take more.I was at the point about 2 months ago were I would take two bars smoke a blunt then take another.This went on for about 1 week.I then realised I was being inmature and not using xanax recreationaly respsonsible any more.I quit the xanax I think I got lucky and only had mild withdrawal symptoms.

    Today like a dumbass I call up J(xanax dealer)and ask to buy two bars.When he called back saying he couldnt get them I went into a rage.I was pissed,throwing shit and hitting walls for NO reason.I also broke my cell phone.That was some stupid ass shit on my part.I know now that my body still wants them even though in my mind it seems I didnt have to.

    So what I am trying to say,is to take it easy on the xanax,not becouse I am a dick and dont tihnk you have the right to put what you want in your body but becouse addiction is NO fun and you could die from it.

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