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  1. I have very mixed feelings about this drug, and i have had a lot of experience with it. I don't want to tell too much about the ways i obtained it SOO much almost daily over this past summer. I don't know what it is about this drug, i feel like it is almost a savior for those with us some moderate to extreme anxiety but at the same time i almost want to call it the devils drug. Over the experience of my summer, multiple things happened after taking large doses of xanax in very short period of times. I was always getting them for very cheap which didn't help. On nights i would take anywhere from 4-8 bars, and every time this much was put into my body i desired alcohol like crazy. One night i started of with 3 bars, knowing very well i would be drinking anywhere from a half liter to a liter. Ended up passing out in mid air and putting a whole through my chin by landing on a fire place. Other times I've been so fucked I've been carried out of twins games and falling down bleachers and ending up on park benches. Not good. But this is the conclusion I've come too, which many experienced uses already are aware of, xanax mixed with someone who can hold their alcohol very well DO NOT MIX. Even though all the negatives, i took my first xan little ago and its been a very long time, just one bar and i feel great. This is the only time i believe xanax is appropriate, i don't mind getting fucked up on xan once and while but alcohol in my opinion can never enter my system when i am on them.

    I know this is a long post but i really hope it can shed some insight on the dangers of this drunk when not taken very carefully. The shit really ruined my summer and i hope people can learn from my mistakes. But of course i believe everything is appropriate in moderation, because i know this drug can help a lot of people's daily life.

    Happy Monday and thanks for listening!:hello:
  2. I'v never tried it, I dont know where I can get any of the prescription drugs. Its a shame really. i'v tried percocet and LOVED it, maybe to much, maybe its a good thing I cant get my hands on it to easily.

  3. Well I think its worth trying. I think everyone should be open to experiment, it's part of life. I've done almost every pill imaginable and they can be fun... but once again in moderation. The main problem comes from the fact that a couple beers on xanax is PERFECT. But usually for me, because the xan has starting kicking in, i just have to have more booze, mostly because i feel like i can handle as much as I want. Be safe everyone.
  4. i know exactly where your coming from, ive done some fucked up shit on xanax and beer that i dont even remember doing
  5. Well you clearly have a serious benzo addiction. My grandma was addicted to em.

    I'd advise you to try to find a way to quit cause its a bad drug to be hooked on.
  6. oh trust me i did and may always have... but this is my first experience in almost 2 months. And my desire is no where to get fucked up and drink. Just chill here and enjoy life smoke a bowl and doin some math homework. But yes they are VERY addictive. I have friends taking at least 3 bars daily for months. It's very popular in my area.

    EDIT*** to add on the addiction problem, i was prescribed Valium for quite some time. I really wish i was not finishing my bottle in a 3 day span. Thanks when i knew i was addicted and removed myself from the scrip. Now they were only 2mgs, and if they were not abused it could have improved my life greatly, because i'm a very anxious person
  7. I sat in jail wondering what the fuck i did the whole time. I just remember taking some bars, playing beer pong, then waking up in jail.
  8. I have very similar feelings toward the drug.
    it's like a love/hate thing, but xanax is def amazing, and I used to start out taking like 4-5 mgs, but I have A LOT of experience with it (w/ alch, weed, coke, sober), and now I only need like two blue ones (1 mg a piece) and I'm good
    I actually prefer beznos over opiates. Opiates (oxy, hydro) make me too nauseous. sizzurp is a diff storry
  9. I like the xanax, but Im a wee bit of a morphine addict :(
  10. I've never tried it but I'm getting 100 tabs soon, but i have self control.
  11. I had a script of xanies for a while and would take anywhere from 2 to 6 mg and drink a couple beers. Always ended up blacking out, but never did anything I would regret on them. I stopped taking them a couple months ago cause I really didn't like them all that much, and never once did I feel addicted to them.

    Opiates on the other hand, I don't have a connect for them, and I know that its a good thing cause I would be addicted to them in a heartbeat.
  12. Yeah, if i'm addicted to any drug it's Xanax. It's fun as fuck, but the withdrawal symptoms can be horrible.
  13. You can buy xanax, soma, klonopin, lor tab, and i couple othters onlinr
  14. I love xanax. Not only for it's intoxicating qualities, but also because it's the only thing that seems to really help my anxiety.

    If I had medical insurance, I'd be hittin' up a prescription...
  15. there is no self controll on xanax .... ive been addicted to that shit really bad ... this summer i took a shitload of benzodiazepines as well .... and its horrible .. i actually do have anxiety attacks .. so i get it from my doctor ... but ive done some shit i would never do on any drug .... i forgot weeks of my life even months .. fucked up on bars .... and after i take a shitload ofxanax i always feel like i can handle more and usually mix xanax with zolpidem (ambien, stilnox)and that really fucks you up .. or dxm and xanax ... its a drug that OPENS you up to everything or anyone .. you say what you think ....... i still take it recreationally sometimes ... but if i do i take it with like 3 -4 friends that take it with me .. cuz if everyones open and having a good time and the next day you dont really remember shit .. its good :D
    i have taken xanax with sober people .. and yeah it ended up a bad thing

    peace gc

  16. Yeh Jimi, Chronikkkkk Just covering your back. You take xanax once, maybe a bar or two... Then you're done. You say, " Wow, that was great, I'm gonna try a couple more, and with some beer this time."

    As soon as you mix xanax with anything BESIDES weed, it begins your addiction. You won't enjoy any intoxicant without the Benzo-Feel, and the problems only begin. Another member stated above he woke up IN JAIL with NO MEMORY of what happened. Xanax is scary man.

    Being in Jail isn't the bad part, it's not knowing WHY that's scary. No memory of what happened... That's some serious shit. On a whole, I would avoid pills, unless you SPACE IT THE FUCK OUT, and pretty far. But that takes a lot of self control when you have these little pills from heaven ( or hell, depending on your view).

    If you find yourself taking them in succession ( let's say friday night you do, and saturday night you do), then you need to talk to a friend and chill. Buying in Bulk may seem cheaper, but will make addiction that much easier.

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