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x4 Ice w/ 400W HPS and Pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by GrowinMyDream, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. just transplant them, they look great.
  2. Brah your plants are fine, just get them in some bigger pots, like right away!!!:hello:
  3. Tomorrow will be the day....They will meet their home for flowering. A 3 gallon bucket filled with fresh new Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

    Quick couple of questions first I have not nuted these plants. Should I get the foxfarm 3 bottle kit and start or let them take their way?? Third does cutting fan leafs do anything??
  4. No don’t cut the fan leafs, they help the plants in more ways the one. Let the leafs be, if you want to train the plant I.E. bend the larger fan leafs and other branches, well that is a different story.

    As for your nute regiment goes, since you just transplanted the beautiful ice plants and I’m solely speaking for myself. I would give them nothing but ph correct distilled water for the first week at minimum because FFOF is rich in nutes. Then after the soil has reached a more neutral level you can or should fade in a nice blooming nute with a mild nitrogen level but make sure it has at least a 6 or greater for the P and K (potassium phosphorus) those are key for getting a better flower. Feel free to add a fert with secondary and trace elements; calcium, sulfur, magnesium being more important because a plant will show deficiency quickly without them present. I personally love General Hydroponics Flora Micro. It’s awesome and supplies everything a standalone one part fertilizer does not have. You cant go wrong! Make it easy on yourself and just get the Flora series from GH. If you do ask the question “can I use hydro nutes for soil plants” the answer is YES you can but not vice versa. Meaning soil nutes can’t or shouldn’t be used for hydro systems but hydro nutes work great in soil. Get me? Good luck man!!!:D

    By the way the little ladies look super healthy! Keep up the green thumb!!!
  5. Today has been a good day!! My 3 featured Ice plants are now in bigger pots! I also added a Ice seed to try a LST grow on. Then I took a cutting from one and i hope i did it right. I used some formula and put it in a party cup wiht little water and in rock wool any then placed a bag over top and sealed it. HOPING for the best. Enjoy the pic

  6. Those are some really good lookin plants!!! keep it up:hello:
  7. Thanks man the plants seem to really love their pots. Their leafs are standing at the light. My clone looks droopy is that normal?
  8. get ready for your plants to explode into growth, Grew ice myself and loved every minute of it. Pulling up a chair for this + rep
  9. I have a real similar setup, minus the sweet California sun and am interested in seeing how some Ice will do. Keep up the nice work!
  10. one plant is showing pre flowers, how long should i wait before i put it into 12/12
  11. i like to water them before i turn the lights off, i just got these pots i dont kno how much water i should give them.
  12. You should wait until the lights come back on to water them. It will decrease your chances of getting mold or disease.
  13. hey man, lookin' good.

    Here's how I determine when to flower: your plants will grow 2x-3x their size when you flower them depending on the strain. So, your veg time is completely up to you. Wait until your plants are about a third of the size that you want them to end up, then flower. the fact that your plants are showing pre-flowers means that they are ready and willing to flower anytime, but as long as you keep them under 24 hrs of light, they will keep getting bigger.

    hope that helps.
  14. so wat about 18/6 hours of light?
  15. 18/6 will keep them in veg too, anything with the lights on more than 12 hours a day is considered vegging.
  16. sup guys been a min. seen a little growth in my topped plant but they still look the same to me. I dont kno why
  17. So like i said i cant really see a difference after like 3 days. Im still decideing on when i should flower. Lemme kno way ya think. Thanks

    this is a mixture of the 3 ice plants
  18. think i should start feeding them ?
  19. Very nice plants , they are looking really healthy . Growin like weeds.......keep up the good work ! It s going to be nice to see em with big ol budds all over , how exciting .
  20. can anybody tell me would we have been able to see a noticible (positive) difference in the plants if he had been vegging with an MH bulb?

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