x4 Ice w/ 400W HPS and Pics

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    This is my first time growing. Im tried of spending all my money on good weed when I could just grow my own.

    Set up:
    4x4x4x8 Room
    1 Floor Fan
    1 Ballest Fan
    400W HPS Light
    400W Eye Hortilex Bulb
    Ice Seeds from UK
    Ocean Forest Soil

    Here all the plants togerher
    This is Ice #1 I toped her and now the nodes are starting to split.
    This next one is Ice #2 she is all natural
    And last but not least my Ice #3 she is also all natural

    None of these plants have had any nutes yet and are 3 weeks and 5 days old. Hope you enjoy more pics sooon

  2. As you can see there are 2 more babys in there. 1 is Marazi x Afghan and 1 Ice. As they grow ill add them to my thread.

    Also have 5 more Ice and 3 Skunk x Snowberry seeds. Im going to try 1 of each in a hydroponic setup.

  3. Pullin' up a seat... looks like a good run for a first timer!
  4. I have seen tonz of plants but i cant juge if they are nice or not. By looking at the pictures does it look like they will make some nice budds? and can those be males??
  5. Yes they 'could' be males - wont know till flowered out.

    They look good for veg, that's for sure! Whether they will yield a hearty bounty is one of those questions that just can't be answered. How many oranges will my tree yield this year? Who knows.

    Hopefully more here will jump on your coat tails for the ride and with enough help on this board - shit, you'll get the best damn bang for your buck possible! :)
  6. That would be sweet. They are on a 18/6 light timer right now. How much longer should i let them grow before i transplant and flower??? and should i top more or let them do their thing?
  7. Shit - today... they're already showing preflowers... Ice is a medium blend of sativa/indica so she'll more than double in size during the 3 week stretch. You could xplant and flower anytime ya wanted.

    I'd personally skip the topping and just flower em - just a personal pref really.
  8. so im thinking 2 more weeks veg then and then flower. lol i cant beleave those can be males. From all the node growth it dosnt hint to female?? and when i transplant should i nute or not? The will be getting brand new foxfarm ocean forest.
  9. FFOF comes pretty hot right outta the bag. I wouldnt double dose em when ya transplant. Just water with tap water and all should be well.

    Males and females dont really show based on nodes while in veg. You could sex em now (most likely) using their pre-flowers and a magnifying glass though...kinda tricky and not 100% reliable, but can at least alert ya if you see multi-balls. Either way - until a hair comes outta a pistol, it could be either and unknown.
  10. Thats scary. Is the percent high tho on a nicely vegged plant that looks llike mine?? or lol ya 100% random. Like have u seen some one have a plant like that and be male?? I i preflower now will i be able to go back to 18/6? pre flower is start at 13/11 then do 12/12 till you see sack or hair? how late is to late to spot a ball?

    thanks for all the help kut
  11. Not scary, just the way it goes - it's one of the main reasons most use clones to grow and keep mothers around.

    Preflowers are already there - with 24hr lighting they appear. It's a sign of maturity of the plant is all...
  12. so if i just look hard now i could maybe tell? or do i have to change the light cycle? When or do my plants give me a sign to start to flower for max yeild or when its possible?
  13. Hey man I like the ice strain. Im cloning a mother ice plant for my grow and it makes roots way quicker then my master kush. The leafs get real fat to. So far I love the plant. Hope all goes well for you!
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    Thanks man i like Ice too tryed it and loved it.

    THis morning i turned the ights on and inspected the plants good. I have really good eyes and from wat I could tell on plant #1 (the tall toped one) coming out of the middle node between the fan leaf to stock, was somthing. it looks like from a distance to be a male :mad:. Then i take a tooth pick and touch around at it and its looks like it might have hiars in it???

    Could any one help me out about sexing iv never done it
  15. Wait for another 7 days and the sex will be easily seen without any magnifying... hairs or balls will be in your face.

    If still unsure - SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH... everything you've asked has already been answered hundreds of times. There's a wealth of knowledge you're simply ignoring here...
  16. NEW PICSS YAY!!!

    Thanks for looking and all your help!!
  17. Lookin' awesome bro! Transplant ASAP into a larger pot....I'd go with a 2gal but that's just me.
  18. so your saying they are doing OKAY?? is there anything i can do like cut leafs or bend leafs to have more growth? and these are going to get bigger right?
  19. What do YOU see that makes you think they are sick?
  20. Very nice, I love how even the new guys can kick it under the HID, even in party cups.

    THROW the cups away today and get them in 3 gallon pots ASAP...

    VERY NICE job ...

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