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  1. anyone ever try X before? I did alot of research and I know this guy that can hook up 10$ tripples. I am kind of hesitant about trying it because, well, its X! Post some experiences you have had before, good or bad. Im still on the fence about it and would like some other peoples input about it. Thanx
  2. Do you realise how hard it is to open this thread becoz X is such a tiny link. Lol, but yeah, i've done x twice for special occasions and its fun. Btw, usually calling a pill a triple or double stack is just bullshit to hype up the pill, 10 dollars a pill is a good price if they're good pills.
  3. e is the shit, just dont do too much at once, gradually go from 1 to 2 to 3 pills IF NEEDED, chew gum and drink lots of water, but be aware you can drown urself. its fun as hell and worth it atleast once for experimentation, it's not like a hallucinogen, it's happy pills, but u have to get the true high of it to really get the all night happy experience, do too little and u will be liike this is gay, so always have that extra pill as back up. if u dont like it then never do it again. it's simple. but trying it once will hardly harm you. o and watch your body temp, it can get really hot without even knowing, wear a tshirt and shorts.
  4. Man, Use the SEARCH button, 10$ a trip is good..Honestly tho, there are more then 15+ of these threads.
  5. I got a fair amount of Molly for a fair price. My advice is get some chewing gum or you'll gnaw your jaw apart. I went to an Oakenfold rave a few months back and I rolled molly then. There's nothing more amazing than a rave while you're rolling hard.

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