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    sweet. 10 a pill
  2. nice but wrong section chica try pandoras box
  3. ya wrong section........plus dont take this offensive but dont do X for very long and very many ive lost way to many friends from this shit just OD on them is easier than you think
  4. cool, single stack pill or something? my friend had some triples liek $25 each with bart simpson and shit on them, pretty cool
  5. i personally dont fuck wit x, but those exact pills where goin around the new york, north jerz area around new years n those lil pink jumpoffs with the stars made like 15 ppl overdose n killed like 5 ppl:eek:, mayb a bad batch up by us, but normally we got tha best tripplestacks 15 bucks gz up hoes down
  6. HAHAHH where the fuck do you live?

    25 a pop?

    might as well get a slap in the face with it.

    and to OP, why the fuck did you post this.

    fuckin X is naaasty shit
  7. I've paid 20 a pill before after taking some to test. They were the fucking best ones I ever scored. Red and Blue transformers with white specs.
  8. how easy/hard is it to OD on X? i took 1 pill before but it barely did anything......about how many pill would u say would be considered "OD"?

    i know it depends on the potency but id like to know the asnwer to this question
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    Damn I guess were lucky in cali.

    the pills go for 5 all day here.

    It's hard to od on MDMA..

    you would need to take around 8-10 pills in a night.. or take around 5 real fast..

    But here's my Q, why the fuck do you wanna know that?

    X can cause you some fucked up problems believe me
  10. i love x. ive tried it twice before and i think its great. but maybe ive been getting lucky or something. guy called them "blue dolphins" and they were blue with a little dolphin on them :D
  11. yea. ex is nothing play around with. just remember that it takes your brain 4-6 weeks to replenish the serotoin in your brain. so basically only roll once a month and you should be fine. and always makes sure you get clean rolls!
  12. yeah, dont mess around with chemicals man. that shit will fuck your brain up seriously I have a few friends who are now E-tards because they rolled too much. Stick with the greenery man, unless you wanna be retarded for the rest of your life! peace
  13. fuck what it does to ur brain, look at wat it does to your mouth!

    and pandoras box. stick to the herbals. if it doesnt come from the ground, turn it down.

  14. thats a pretty good deal.....we should roll together i picked up a grey panda bear? last night for 12 bucks i think im gonna eat it today but im not sure if my brain is up for it i ate 20mg 2c-i on thursday night and there should be some liquid doses rolling into town tonight...........decisions decisions
  15. hey. this is pandores box. dont come here and be like. dont do this and dont do that. everyone is in control of there own fucking life and they can do whatever they want. and to the OP looks like a nice roll. how did it go?
  16. no, its not.
  17. Dude I was a E tard. It goes away, I'd say about 80-90%

    It just takes some time for your brain to heal. About a year or two.

    But it makes life suck dick for a long time if your not careful with that kinda shit.

    Just be responsible about it, only roll ever 6 months to a year
  18. i heard the bart simpsons were bad

  19. A. Pandoras Box

    B. That bill looks like a methbomb, which most x is nowadays. :rolleyes:

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