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X-mas lights overkill?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. So any other old hippees out there that tend to leave the traditional christmas behind and delve into the the realm of X-mas light overkill? Goin for about 15,000 lights this year, down from 20,000 last year. I got tired of jets headin' for Tulsa International lining up on my house.

    Does make easy for Santa to find his way though!
  2. Hey Smokie, I used to decorate everything around here. Trees in the yard as well as all around the house and shop. This year i have decided to light up the house and put a lighted flag on top. It gets to damn expensive to keep up all the lights and buying new ones to replace the ones that don't work any more. I hope to see your lights from Tennessee.

    Good luck with the lights.
  3. The day after Thanksgiving to go shopping? Not in my house. Its climbing up the ladder to string lights and garland up. While not at 15,000 lights. I've probably hung up 2000 lights along the roofline.

    And Mamm ran me out of the inside so she and the little princess could take all the Thanskgiving/Autmn decorations down and put up the X-mas stuff.
  4. Looks like Smokie is the only one that will have a REAL high electric bill this year!
  5. Sounds like you live at my

  6. i got lights on my tree i live way out in the country! and i do get a but 1500 lights in the holidays from my bic!
  7. i just got finished!...god knows how many lights...4 hours till i finally got ticked and used my husbands truck for a ladder...NONE TOO CAREFULLY-ssems someone finally killed a deer...
    i swear every year ill never do these lights again!...
  8. Loved those lights a little too much last year. The cat got in the tree caused a short in the water underneth and the tree started to spark. The cat was Ok.but that was the end of the lights for 2000. Maybe I'll try fiber optics this year.

    Woody's lucky, I still have to buy my tree from the guy on the corner. Rael
  9. Oh my...I have lights up all year long on my fake ficus trees...and other fake greenery I have strategically placed in corners of my house, due to lack of furniture. But, come Christmas time we add them to the mantle, the banisters, and of course the tree...white lights for me...all over the house...inside though...:( We have a really old house with no outside we just put those little candles in every window for the neighbors to see.
    This will be the first year my little boy doesn't buy the whole Santa routine. My son informed me on Thanksgiving Day that he doesn't believe in the jolly old elf any longer...:( I loved reading the night before Christmas to him...and seeing his excitement Christmas morning when he found out he got toys instead of a bag of I guess my little boy is growing up.

  10. I've been on the road most of this week and last week as well. I come home today to........ Momma and her friend baking christmas cookies. Every table, countertop, etc. is covered with cookies. But I'm not allowed to eat any until the kids come in from school.

    AND she has dragged down the box of the Snow Village house and asked me to build her a table somewhere inside to put the 10 to 15 houses up. Christ! will my work never end.

    AND she wants to get christmas cards tonight while I want to smoke out. Can't wait till I sober up tomorrow to see what we pick out. Should be a hoot!
  11. im reading this wondering why you guys are talking about christmas in April didnt see the dates on the bottom that was scary thougt it was december already

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