X Files - I so much wanted to believe

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Superjoint, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Just came back from the X Files tonight, I'm such a fan, but man was I dissapointed :( ,
    I didn't read about it, did not see the trailer, I just went totaly in the dark to this flick. Had an open mind, but they didn't bring it this time.... Well at least I have 7 great episodes to remember.

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  2. Sounds like they should have pulled a Seinfeld, and kept it DONE.

    cuz holyhell, XFILES would never live down theiir epicness.
  3. i havent seen the movie yet(im not sure if i can watch it here yet..im not really connected to the current reality the last period,anyway)
    so it was a disappointmentt???whyyyyy???

    i have to watch the movie first of course.....(i was never disappointed by xfiles btw even when Mulder was out/ok maybe a bit..)

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